Truffle & Butter.

Just about a month ago, I met up with my secondary schoolmate Shalyn in town for a little catch up! If you didn't know, I was from CHJI Katong Convent Sec. It was an all girls school & was definitely one of the places where I had most of my teenager memories.

We wanted to have lunch at Sun & Moon at Wheelock place but the lunch hour was over already. 

So we headed to Skinny Pizza.

Settled my truffle fries cravings!

Cannot remember what risotto is this.

The squid ink pasta!

Shalyn & I now.

Shalyn & I, minus 10 years. 

The above picture was taken at her house with her webcam 1 day after school.
Damn ugly!! 

But at that time I thought we both looked chio.

Went to Far east to walk walk but ended up empty handed.

& yes I love to stack alot of bracelets & arm accessories together. 
& Shalyn's iPhone casing is mega heavy please!

Last picture taken together before she left to go work & I went to meet...

my other half.

The guy who annoys me 24/7 with his weird & lame actions but I'll never get sick of it.

He was hungry.

Erm, abit too hungry?
Haha, I'm damn evil, people having unglam moment but I happily snapped.

Went back to his place for awhile..

"Yes, can I help you?"

"Oh look, I can act cute"

& then boyfriend decided it was enough & wanted to have some nappy time.

Never mind, I can continue myself.

& then we were dragged down to Butter Factory for our dearest girl, Esther Chin.
She was not feeling very happy & so we all went down just for her!

I was so not dressed for clubbing.
Group picture with Michelle, Esther, Sue ann & her friend.

An even bigger group picture.

Can't remember what we were doing in the toilet.
Touching up make up?

Boyfriend came down in the end too!

So happy hor.

Saw my another Secondary school friend, JUDY!

& these 2 babes are my batch girls from SQ.
Both of them are still flying.

So happy to keep bumping into friends!

Saw Andrew, Kelvin & Wenhao too!!

& that's Esther trying to copy Shunxiong's dance moves.

& then you can spot Mama Michelle trying to stop her from going crazy.

In the smoking room with Michelle & Andrew.

& that was before my camera's len's cover went missing & I lost all mood.


Abrupt ending, BYE!


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