Cotton candy colored me.

Less than a week ago, I made my way down to Salon Vim & told my hair stylist, Luis, that I wanted to dye my hair with crazy colors because.. I've been having boring black hair for near 2 years & I'm so sick of it!! 

Initially, I wanted to jus dye a nice shade of brown & that's it. 

Then I decided, why not go for something bolder since I have yet to start work & I can still afford to have such crazy colors?

Luis then handed me this chart.

This is how plain my hair was before the transformation started.

I decided to dye my hair baby blue!!


No lah, the above dye is actually to bleach my hair. 

Luis decided to give me 3 colors on my head.
Base color - Brown.
Crazy colors - Pink & Purple! 

Bleaching in process.

Rinsed it off & I looked like this.

So these blonde area is where Pink & Purple will be applied on.

When I saw these colors I was like, WOAH.

Applying the pink dye now!

So the entire process took like 4 hours +.. & that's just the dyeing & waiting & rinsing off.

But usually when you dye your hair, especially when there is bleaching involved, it is best to do hair treatment after! So that it can reduce the damage done to it earlier on.

I was introduced to the REDKEN treatment this time round at Salon Vim.

There's like 3 steps to it.
- This product called the "Extreme Cat" & spray it all over your hair + leave on for 15 mins. It is made of Protein so it helps to reinforce & repair your hair!
- Another product called "Shot Phix" will be sprayed onto your hair & it has to be rinsed off immediatly. It is to balance the PH level in your hair, leaving your hair cuticles strong.
- The last part is a very personalized step where they apply products that are required by your hair for you. 

My hair was considered "Color treated dry & distressed" after all that coloring. LOL.

& here's my hair after the treatment.


I really like it!! :)

Under darker lights, the color isn't so loud.

Luis, being the perfectionist he is, wanted to trim my hair a little before letting me go.

Snip snip snip.

I was barely able to keep myself straight because I wanted to touch/check out my new colored hair so much. 

Finally done!!

Initially I wanted blue & pink instead but Luis advised me that Purple would go so much better with pink.
& I'm glad I listend to him because this combination of colors is soooooo amazing.

& I like how it is not super loud or IN YOUR FACE.
I also mentioned to Luis that I didn't wanted the Pink & Purple to be super obvious incase I look damn "lian" so he decided to dye my hair this way where the colors are somehow "hidden" in the inner layers so it is only slightly obvious.

The point is, anything you want, just tell it to Luis & he will find a way to suit it to your liking.

Salon Vim also gave me this hair serum that is damn awesome.
Because of bleaching, my hair ends are a little dry but after applying this, the hair turns smooth like instantly!! Baby smooth in fact. 

My friends asked me if my hair was damaged & I told her to touch it, & she was like "eh, still very soft leh, I thought will be damn dry". So yeap, I'm not kidding you.

Some hair products from Redken to maintain the colors in my hair.

Headed to JB for my 1st meal of the day.
At 10pm :(

Esther & pham.

Boyfriend came after work too.
Still wearing formal.

Michelle & Tiki.
Juan was there too but she didn't wanna take any pictures cause she was makeup-less. LOL.

& for those who haven't gotten enough of my hair, like myself.. 
continue scrolling below:

The colors are so vibrant!
I call this, the "Cotton candy" hair.

Though it is slightly brighter than cotton candy colors.

I was super afraid that I would end up regretting my impulsive decision because the colors are so bright/loud/attention grabbing, but I did not! 

Its been a week & I'm still damn proud & happy about my hair. 

Still loving it, big time.

Be sure to make an appointment before you head down because Salon Vim is super packed always!! Check out this picture from my Instagram. I got John Tham to help me capture the salon at its busy state. 
For those interested in getting hair services done at Salon Vim, here's the details you'll need.
Mention my name "Meiting" & you'll get a 10% off for any hair services.

TEL: 68847757 / 68847767


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