When we're not in the air..

Met up with my batch girls because Xueli's birthday had just passed & we decided to treat her to dinner! It was so hard to plan a dinner where all the other batch mates could attend because everyone was flying. So only the 3 of us for now!

Everyone was so busy with their own lives after we graduated from the training centre & we did not managed to meet up often. I think we did meet up like once and that was it? Because we usually only have like 2-3 off days max before we have to fly to another country so most of us will spend time with our family, boyfriend/girlfriends & there is just not enough off days!!

& dinner was at Sushi tei!

With Giselle, she's from Taiwan!
She had just finished facial so she was without any trace of makeup. But still look so pretty!

I had my favorite usual, salmon sashimi salad!

With the baby from our batch, Xueli!

& again, I over ordered. The 2 girls didn't eat much at all!!

So glad we met up for dinner even though it was just a short meet up!

Xueli & Giselle.
& Xueli, like me, have also left the company. She is now pursuing her degree!! All the best to her! :)

I know my #ootd damn fail. 
HAHA, apparently the top & shorts don't match. 
But I was in a super relax mood & just grabbed the nearest available shorts. :( 

Pictures all grabbed from my Instagram.. follow me if you haven't! 
Username: @lianmeiting

Went to find boyfriend who was having his haircut in town too.

Okay, gonna end this post real quick because I'm super sleepy!!

Even though I'm currently jobless & am like bumming around, but my schedule daily is so packed!! I've been out everyday since I quit my job. EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

& tomorrow I have to attend Kiehl's blogger's event, then Thursday I have to go back to SIA office to settle the remaining paperwork & after that I have to head down to Revive Wellness for my monthly Bwaxing. & Friday maybe I'll go for my facial because I have these stubborn blackheads! & come Saturday... ZOUKOUT 2012 YO!!! (Which explains why I MUST go for bwaxing on Thursday LOLOL) 

Anyway, stay tuned to my next blog post.. because.. I'm gonna be posting the highly requested... 


Till the next post, 

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