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Another video. LOL.

But this is a super impromptu & random one. So impromptu that I was wearing my pink panther pjs with a HOLE in it the entire time of the video. Don't judge me okay. HAHA. 

So today was a really simple day.

I met up with Sue Ann for a little catching up over dinner at Parkway. & I just realized we didn't take pictures together. Because we were too into eating and walking around and talking. Damn. Next time okay? :)

I heart salmon.

Saba fish!
I love almost ALL types of fishes. 

& even more salmon.
In the form of a handroll & maki. 

& here's my outfit of the day.
Top from BKK, shorts from London, bag = NEW BAG! 
Happy girl me.

Realized that I didn't take any pictures today so I decided to not waste my makeup. Heh.

Today I'm using a new eyebrow powder that I bought from Watsons.
Brand: HeavyRotation. Quite good leh!! Color goes on really easily.

Okay, so here's the video.
Say real one, I damn regret filming it after I've changed out of my "nice" clothes.
Now I will forever have a video in my YouTube page of me wearing PJS!! ahhaha.
Okay, I just checked my YouTube page and guess what? I have TWO other videos that I did 3-4 years ago with me wearing PJS also!!! HAHAHHA, omg. FML.

Don't blame me, they are too comfy!!

Got less awkward this time round anot?

Okay, no idea why I did this thumbs up pose.
& I hate the stage my fringe is at now.

Neither here nor there. SO DAMN FRUSTRATING.

Gonna end off the post damn abruptly right here.


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