Dating w boyfriend.

It's the 2nd last month of 2012!
Am I the only one who thinks that time is passing super fast now that we are all grown up and busy with so many things? I really think that time is like FLYING by. 

So anyway, here's some happy new to share.. I'm Nuffnang's featured blogger for the month of November! & also, November 14th will be Shunxiong & I's 6th year anniversary. PLUS, November is the month which my bond to the company ends! F-r-e-e-d-o-m.

So yes, November is definitely going to be a good month for me!!

Took a screen shot of my post on Nuffnang's website.

Boyfriend & I decided to go dating in town because its been awhile since we did so. & yes we do still do silly things like these. I guess all these small efforts are really important in maintaing a long relationship?

Us on the cab.

Decided to have our late lunch at NYDC, Wheelock Place.

The food was not fantastic, nor was it horrible.
But it was just very very average.
Don't think we will be going back there anytime soon.

Taken by my iPhone & posted onto my instagram before our food came.

The reason why we went to Wheelock was because boyfriend was aiming to buy something over there...

He was pestering me like a baby the entire day before because he like really wanted it.

& here's the happy boy with his iPad!!
I paid $500 for it as his advanced birthday present. 
& the remaining he top it up himself. HAHA.

We were waiting for the traffic light to turn green so, continue camwhoring.

Shop, talk & walked all the way to Takashimaya and I was having craving for icecream!
This is my favorite black sesame icecream. 

Michelle & Tiki came over to find us later on at Cine.

We were in this bubble tea shop, Artease, resting our feet.

The two of us. 
Wait no, the FOUR of us.
Look into the mirror behind me & you can spot Tiki & Michelle too. LOL.

We didn't wanted to watch movie, nor did we wanted to go home, so we decided to drive to Changi area to watch planes take off & land. I know, what was I thinking right. I do that every time I go to work but still, its a totally different experience being OUTSIDE the plane & watching it take off/land.

Sad on the kerb by the roadside..

Super windy night.

Totally ignoring me & playing with his new toy.

The other pair of lovebirds.

We took some timer-shots with Michelle's camera.
Check out Tiki's face, epic.



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