Revive Wellness with Char

I've never looked forward to feeling pain as much as I do now. 

Okay, that may have sounded kinda wrong but its true!! I'm always looking forward to do my Princess Brazilian waxing at Revive Wellness every month! & the pain is really minimal. The 1st time hurt the most because well, I haven't wax in ages. I used to just shave and it was really bad for my skin.

So right now, I've already did my 3rd Brazilian waxing with Revive Wellness and the results are really amazing.

- Less ingrown hair.
- Slower hair growth.
- Skin area lighten + fairer.
- Skin area smoother.

So this is me preparing to head out of home for my 3rd Princess Brazilian Waxing.

That's my friend, Charmaine, who came along with me!
She was trying out the normal Brazilian waxing & she had to fill in her particulars form.

After that was done, we both went to different rooms for our bwaxing session.

After washing up my private bits, I was back into the room ready for it to begin.
Got huge ass mirror, must make good use of it = camwhore!

& as usual, my therapist was really friendly and we chatted nonstop.
It even kinda distracted me from the pain of removing the unwanted hairs.

So this time round, the pain level felt like only 3 out of 10.
The above picture was taken during my favorite step of the Princess Brazilian waxing, the COLD HAMMER.
Read about my previous visit to Revive wellness where I shared the step by step process of my entire waxing session: 

A very happy & satisfied customer, me.

Charmaine's review
"Having been to a few other bwax salons, i found revive wellness to be really clean and efficient. their service staff are always on hand to make your visit as comfortable and pain-free as possible. my therapist was very meticulous and made sure i was as smooth as a baby before she let me go! she even offered loads of advice and tips for personal care. another thing i really liked was that they offered shower facilities! a quick rinse made me feel as good as new, especially after some personal pampering."

Esther came over to find Charmaine & I after our waxing!

Thank you, Revive Wellness.
Till we meet again, next month!

Blog readers please quote "MEITING" to enjoy the 1st session of 
Signature waxing at only $38 (u.p $78) or 
the Princess Brazilian that I did at $68 (u.p $118)

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, Central #03-44a S059817 
Telephone no: 6222 0061 / 6296 8809


After we left Clark quay, we headed over to Plaza Singapura while Esther was on a hunt for a dress to attend a wedding dinner.

Got irritated with my fringe, as usual, & I decided to just wear a headband over it.
Us at the carpark.

Jealous is me.
Both of them got colored hair! 
Mine is plain, black & boring.

Never mind, you just wait!! 
I'm gonna color my hair reallll soon!!!

Don't you think she looks like a tiny school girl in this get-up?
SERIOUSLY Esther chin!

My camera focused on them instead of me.

I retake again, still the same.
Camera, Y U NO love your owner?

After leaving town, I went to Bugis to meet up with boyfriend for dinner.

Went to the hawker centre next to Bugis village to have my all time favorite.

Nasi lemak which is not bad.. but I still prefer Punggol Nasi lemak anyday!

This is the reason why I was there.
This carrot cake is super nice!!
Damn tasty the carrot cake. & the portion is damn huge. I ordered small & I got this much.
Also, I prefer white carrot cake over black.

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