Shanghai with BFF!

So on 1 of my flights to Shanghai, my dear girl Esther was there on a holiday too!! So happy because we got to spend time together even though I only had like 24 hours in Shanghai. :( 

Since time was limited, we wasted none.

I texted Esther the hotel that I was staying at, & by the time the company bus arrived at the hotel, I saw this tiny girl with her huge suitcase in the lobby waiting for me!!

It felt so good to see a familiar face overseas.

So we both hurried up to my room, watched me got change, removed my work hair & I just tied it up in a messy high pony tail & off we went.

Exploring Shanghai!

We took a cab to this place to shop.. & once we arrived, we got approached by a photographer to take pictures of my outfit.

In return, I made him help Esther & I take a picture first. HAHA

My outfit was damn errr, anyhow one can. Haha.

Snap snap snap.

Think he was taking a picture of my bag.
My damn dirty white longchamp bag. HAHA.

With a cute mascot.
OKAY, I just realized where we were, its in the chinese words behind the huge mascot.

Hahhaha & I remembered Esther getting scolded by the China cab driver because we couldn't pronounce the chinese words correctly. DAMN FIERCE lor they all. Wah lao, chill ok.

Furry hats from a shop.

We were hungry so we ate at this random shop.
We had phad thai & fried rice.
WHAT!! Why go china eat this type of food!!
I know, but there wasn't other food there. So we ordered what was 'safe'. Haha

Ugly bunny.

Esther frenching the horsie.

Love the colors.

Old skool enough for you?

Lao fu zi specs.

This was the entire place that we kept getting lost at.
So many lanes & it was like a maze.

Busy streets of Shanghai.

Stupid Andrew kept taking pictures in his "artistic" way.

So I did the same back to him. LOL

Okay, finally a good one.

It started drizzling.. & it got cold.
Felt likt 16 degrees to me.

Dinner was super authentic China food.

Spicy the f out!!!

Dong fen with minced pork in super spicy soup.

Diced chicken with chili.

Super soft & yummy triple layered pork with veggie.
The pork melts in your mouth one can, damn shiok.

Fish soaked in tons of chili again.
Every dish also got chili one.
Damn hiong.

We ordered more lah but lazy to post all cause every dish is just a sea of RED.

Andrew's likeaboss picture.

Esther in my super huge hat that I bought earlier.

Happy us.

In the lift going back to my hotel area for massage.

Love this girl.

In the family mart waiting for them to buy shampoo or something..
I love my earrings!
& shit, I can't remember where I threw it. 

Goodbye Shanghai.

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