In the bathroom with me.

Okay, the title sounds a bit misleading. Haha.

Today I'll be sharing the stuff I use when I'm in the shower.
& then I will be moving on to a skincare post because the requests for my skincare routine is TOO DAMN HIGH.

So here goes.

Shampoo: Dove hair fall rescue
I started using this 1 year + ago when my hair started falling like mad & it really worked after 1-2 weeks. But recently, my hair starts to get really oily & clumpy after using this shampoo. I DON'T KNOW WHY! So I think I have to change to another brand of shampoo already. :(

Conditioner: Sunsilk silky smooth & manageable.
I actually am not very particular about my conditioner. I use tsubaki's, essentials' before & I really like them too. Just happen to buy Sunsilk's at Watsons the other day so yah.

Body gel: Neutrogena rainbath.
This I absolutely love love love. It doesn't dry my skin that much compared to regular body wash & I like the smell! But my boyfriend says it has a bitter after smell. HAHA.

Head spa: Tsubaki.
I use this head spa twice a week. It is supposed to like "mega cleanse" your hair & make it stronger & cleaner. You are supposed to use it just once a week but because of my job, I use hair gel & hair spray often so I use this twice a week.

Face cleanser 1: Curel.
Bird introduced this to me & I've been using this for 3 months + now. I like it cause its in a pump bottle, so all I need to do is just press once & the foam comes out. Convenient! But I feel that it runs out pretty fast. So it maybe quite costly to use it for long.

Facial cleanser 2: Hada labo.
Before I switched to Curel, I've been using this forever. Like about more than a year. This has been great. Doesn't break me out or dry my skin. Its very moisturized and I like it a lot! I bring this with me every time I travel cause its easy to carry. 

Feminie wash: Vagisil.
No need to explain right, this one. 

Toothpaste: Pearlie White.
Have been using this for more about 3 years & I think its quite good. 

Electric toothbrush: Oral-B.
This really cleans my teeth very well. But it takes up longer time than regular toothbrush because I will make sure I clean each & every tooth when using this because the brush head is so tiny. But when using regular toothbrush, just brush left-right-left-right only, so its much faster.

Okay, so that's it!

I promise a skincare post will be up soon.
Thinking if I should do it in a video or just a blog post.

Depends if I'm still awkward in front of the camera. LOL.

Till next time,
love, meiting.

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