Smart Luxury by Gc Watches

So, a week ago, I was invited to an evening of "Smart Luxury" with Gc.

Date: 11th October 12, Thursday.
Venue: Marina Sq Central Atrium.

Let me share with you a little more about the brand Gc

It was created by Paul Marciano, the founder of GUESS empire(which I'm sure everyone is familiar of), whose own personal luxury was to create this successful Swiss Made watch brand. 

A combination of both the savoir-faire of Swiss watchmaking & the design statement of fashion for which he is renowned.

Here I am in the boutique with Jaycie, who was in charged of marketing these gorgeous watches.

& this was the watch that I've picked.

Check out the amount of guests who were there that evening!

Attend event confirm must take picture with the poster/backdrop thingy.
& that's me & my plus one: Michelle Quek.

& with cutie pie Jayne, from Nuffnang.

That's us before I went to the bar to get the Gc Speciality Cocktail from the bar. Didn't managed to take a picture of it because I drank it all up as it was way too yummy!!!

Me with Ethan Leslie Leong, the award winning mixologist!

I first met Ethan at Drink Culture, my friend's bar, & Ethan was there creating many of his awesome concoctions. 
Definitely a "rising star" in his profession.

Being someone who appreciates a good glass of cocktail, this was definitely the highlight of the night.
Meeting Ethan & having a taste of the yummy Gc speciality cocktail. 

Meiting, Jaycie, Michelle & Jayne.

Another picture taken with the backdrop.
This time round, Huixian from ChurpChurp was finally around to join us for a picture!

We love the white ceramic watches the most!!
Jaycie picked the one which was smaller in size. 
I like my things BIG. *ifyouknowhatimean.jpg

As you can tell, I was totally enjoying myself.

With another Nuffnang blogger, Sheila, & her friend.

Michelle made me stand in the middle of the crowd to take this picture.
Awkward much.

Here are the other watches that caught my eye.
Male watches for that special someone in your life.

Don't you agree that these men watches would look really good on your partner?

The VIPs of the day showing their choice of Gc watches.

Happy me with my Gc watch before I left.

The crowd was still going on strong even though we were like 2 hours into the event!
Click below if you are interested to see more of the event: 

Gc boutique.
Marina Square, #02-151.

Back at home, I finally had the time to capture the beauty of the watch.

Here my lovely watch from Gc!
I love the combination of white ceramic + rose gold + mother of pearl dial.

A close up.
I'm not really a fan of watches because I wear way too many accessories but this watch definitely changed my mind!
It can easily REPLACE my accessories on my arm because the watch's design is so fashionable.

See how the watch on my arm alone looks good enough?

Sometimes, less is really more.

Really happy with my Gc watch.
& best of all, I can match this watch with a really casual outfit & it will instantly make me look that much "smarter". It is that one accessory that will add a little jeez to your entire look.

Have you found a watch that is YOU yet?


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