A Salon Vim-er for 3 years.

Due to my busy schedule, 1 day in Singapore, 3 days overseas, another 2 days in Singapore, 5 days overseas, its been damn long since I went to Salon Vim for a hair cut. Let alone, talk about a hair treament. So as you can probably guess, my hair was totally out of shape & my hair ends were all pretty damaged. Like, full of split ends & it was a bit frizzy.

This was before.
See how the ends were like really messed up.

So, I decided, enough was enough. 
I had to find time to get my hair fixed!

& this is me with cray cray hair sitting at Salon Vim waiting for my hair to be healthy once again.

My stylist, Luis, decided to give my poor hair a 3 step hair treatment from Japan.
Its called the CURE POD.

Step 1: Inner milk -
This step is to restore my hair from the inside. Its ingredients penetrates my hair giving it moisture & elasticity which have been lost from the hair shafts.

Step 2 : Bind oil -
This further supplies the hair with treatment while preparing a base coat to shut in all the nutrition in the hair shafts.

Step 3 : Outer cream -
The final step is to create a protection around the hair shafts from external factors damaging the hair & also locking all the ingredients from the inner milk(step 1) & bind oil(step2) & giving moisture + shine to your hair.

& that's me looking like a wet chicken with Yina Goh & her stylist, Stephanie, in the background.
Was chatting on Twitter with Evonnz & Yina & Tricia about coming to Salon Vim to do our hair together so we won't be bored & can chit chat & all. 

& this was my first time meeting Yina in real life. SHE DAMN FRIENDLY ONE. I like sia. Talk alot like me & my girlfriends!

The steamer.
AWESOME cause it allows the products from the treatment to further "enter" my hair.

Applying the multiple layers of cream/oil/milk onto my hair.

& this is Tricia, also doing her hair! Most of you will know her as VainGloriousYou.
She is soooooo petite & pretty!
Seriously, have never seen her look cui at all. Even when I went to Vainpot boutique at Haji Lane, she was not wearing heavy make up.. still so pretty lor! John Tham, you are a lucky man. HAHA.

After the 3 step Cure Pod treatment, they decided to style my hair. 
I wanted a slight curl/wave at the hair ends.

Love how they style my hair every time.

Michelle came down to look for me too!!

She says my hair smells good & feels damn soft.

After my hair has been styled.

Super happy with the results, so pardon the spamming of pictures. HAHA.

With Tricia & Michelle.
The two petite ladies.

I was happily camwhoring away then my stylist, Luis, came back & said he wanted to do some finishing touches to my hair ends..

So I put on the apron thingy & sat my ass back again to let him cut my hair..

You see Luis's face so serious when cutting my hair..
I know I am in good hands when I'm at Salon Vim
Literally, in good hands.

Okay, now I'm really done!
Here's a picture with the man behind my hair for the past 3 years, Luis!!

Shiny smooth hair ends again.

For those interested in getting hair services done at Salon Vim, here's the details you'll need.
Mention my name "Meiting" & you'll get a 10% off for any hair services.

TEL: 68847757 / 68847767


Left town to meet my boyfriend for dinner at 49 seats!


& their mushroom soup.

My staple at 49 Seats -- TOM YUM PASTA with only prawns please.

& this is boyfriend's staple -- Smoked duck pasta with additional chicken chop.

On the way back home after filling our stomachs.

I was happily camwhoring with my new healthy gorgeous hair...

& he decided to come into the picture.
He was wearing just his boxer shorts so I had to 'delete' him. HAHA

Playing with his iPad all the time.
It's my gift to him for his birthday!
Though his birthday is not even here yet, but I decided to pay for it because I know he needed it for work + entertainment. Hehe.

Always my reason to be happy.
I love you!

& here's ending off the post with a huge ass picture of ME!!

Goodbye, my lovely readers.



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