Hong Kong + San Francisco

One of the 1st few flights that I did which I really enjoyed!! Though a couple of the more seasoned people that I was working with wasn't that easy to get along with, but it didn't bother me much!

It was my 1st time to the States & I was like damn excited lah. Okay say first, this blog post is more than a year late. HAHA. Sorry!! But I didn't really liked posting about my work life last time, so I just kept all the pictures in folders. But now, I'll be slowly posting them & labeling them so I can look back on all these memories when I leave.

In San Francisco with Stephanie.

Though it was sunny, the weather was still really chilly.
We had to wear trench coats = too cold too handle.

& also, I'm the type that is damn afraid of cold one!!
But I think after 1 year +, I became more tolerant to cold weather.

At Fisherman's wharf.

Kena cheated, the churros not nice one.

Clam chowder was good though.

When in States = must buy VS undies.

& these lotions + sprays.

MAC cosmetics are cheaper in States too!

On the 2nd day.

At Sunglass hut, where we all bought shades.
The 2 girls got raybans while I got the infamous Prada baroque sunnies.

Lunch at Cheesecake Factory on the roof top of Macy's.

Say Cheeeeseeeeee.

Last picture before we flew back to Hong kong.

& I was damn excited because, I will be meeting Michelle Quek in Hong Kong!!!
She was there on a holiday by herself. Yes this crazy bitch. I mean she has friends in Hkg lah, but she damn naughty one lor.

Met her at my hotel's lobby, she was late again, & we went for Dim Sum lunch!

We ordered SO much.

This was the point where Michelle & I started growing closer.

After this trip, when we both got back to Singapore, we just started hanging out more often & I begin to introduce her to my group of friends & I'm glad everyone got along really well.

On the cab going to some shopping area.

Forgot where was this. But I know its near Mongkok.

Dinner time! We had steamboat.

The most expensive meal we had because we ordered the premium beef.

So worth it though.

Stephanie, Kelle, me & Michelle.

I don't really fancy this but everyone who goes to Hkg love this cold noodles thingy.

2nd day in Hkg!
Bright & early, we took a cab down to have the traditional breakfast.

The eggs + bread is beyond words. Such a simple meal but its really yummy.

The steam egg dessert too!

& we took the train to... I can't remember where.

With Michelle on the train.

Too hot too hot. I meant the weather.


Buying tons of local delights back to family & boyfriend.

End of the day, before I had to fly back to Singapore the next day.
& Michelle was damn sad because she said she will be so bored in Hkg. She was gonna stay there for another 4 days if I'm not wrong.

Abrupt ending, but yes,
 goodbye & thanks for reading!!

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