Boyfriend days.

Hello hello!!
I'm back with a blog update.

So boyfriend and I went to town for dinner a couple of weeks back.

What I wore that day.

I had a sudden craving for good ramen & so we went to have Ippudo!

This is what I ordered.
Very yummy.
Oh, how I love bamboo shoots.

& this is what shunxiong ordered.
The ultimate combo with everything. 

I love how runny eggs!
The best I've had is still in Japan though. :(

Too into his food to even look at the camera for me. 
But he gave thumbs up though. 

Ordered pork bun too. This is very good as well.

& gyoza!
Also nice.

So yeap, all the food that I've tried at Ippudo were really good. I would definitely go back there again! Damn, just blogging about it is making me hungry!!

After our dinner, boyfriend drove me to Gardens by the Bay. 

It was our first time there.

It looks really pretty at night.

Didn't wanna use flash because I wanna see the background.

Thank you for bringing me there boyfriend!

On the way to 126 for supper.

Taken at the traffic light.

& here's what I bought myself when I was in town.
Bought this Shamballa bracelet from Quintessential.

Love the purple.

From a random pushcart at Cine.

& this skull + spike bracelet is from Quintessential too!
They sell tons of cool accessories there.

Random buys from Forever 21 and H&M.


A couple of days later, it was Shunxiong Mommy's birthday.
& we booked a private room at a Chinese restaurant with KTV in it cause his mom loves to sing.

His younger sister with his niece.

Boyfriend & I.

& if you are wondering why my hair was tied up like this, it was because I just touched down in Singapore, Shunxiong picked me from the airport, I changed & came straight to the dinner.

Was quite tired but I'm glad I was able to make it for the birthday dinner.

The little one wants to sing too.

"oh what big teeth you have"

Nothing beats having a nice dinner with boyfriend after work.

I love you, boyfriend.

You make me feel safe, happy & warm all over.
Though at times you piss the shit out of me but we both know we can't stay mad at each other for more than 2 days.

Looking forward to the 14th of November,
 where we celebrate our 6th year anniversary.

♥ ♥ ♥ 


& ladies, 

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