After 10 months.

Hey everyone,

Yes, after 10 long months, I've decided to randomly do a video. I got no idea why. Just suddenly think that "Hey, since I got makeup on, & I just bought some stuff, why not do a haul video?!"

& so I did.

It's like my 1st haul video ever & I don't really know what to say. Errr..

Also, let me warn you first, the video quality is really sucky because I'm filming from my macbook & its quite dark. When I become more of a pro then I'll use a proper camera to film my future videos okay? Gonna go buy a new camera tomorrow with Michelle! If there's stock, you'll see more videos in good quality soon!! 

So yup. 
I still cringe every time I hear myself talk.

A #ootd picture that I posted on instagram.

Met up for dinner with my batch girls. 

Camwhoring while shunxiong was having his haircut.

Will have a proper update on this day another time.

Meanwhile, just the haul video.



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