With the words of a love song.

Just came back from Kallang Macdonalds with Michelle Quek. & before that we were at Mustafa shopping away. Buying all the super random things and checking out all the weird items we saw. & guessing their country of origin. Because that girl doesn't buy items if its from some XXX countries.

My boyfriend calls Michelle my "midnight kidnapper".

Because between 3-11pm I'll always be with Shunxiong & sometimes together with my girlfriends but whenever its near 12 midnight, everyone goes home because they have to work the next day. But not for Michelle & me!! Our night is still really young. 

& yes, that was a screenshot of my twitter account.
Follow me if you haven't. 


So today I'm gonna update on the day our friend May, who is the owner of Gipsy Scarlet, had a booth for her blogshop at Suntec Conventional Hall.

Juan & I decided to go give them support since we were free that day.

Wore a yellow floral sundress that I got from Forever 21.
& clutch kindly sponsored by Klarra.

At the booth.
Spot our Michelle Quek.
She was freezing from the powerful air conditioners so she wrapped herself with her black shawl.
& yes she was walking around bare footed. THIS GIRL AH.

Boyfriend chilling at the cashier area.
Why he look so big size here? 

May, Meiting, Michelle & Juan!
We look like we are shooting a commercial for Gipsy Scarlet.

Friends must always support one another!
Not to be jealous & try to bring each other down to feel good.

With my cutie.

Shopped around Marina Square with Shunxiong after that. Its been damn long since the 2 of us went there. But during our poly days, when we were dating, we would go there pretty often. Damn long ago man. 

Bought this super chio blazer from Zara.
Damn expensive too. 
$199 sgd.

& at night, we went to Nana for boyfriend's friend's birthday..

Boyfriend always turns red after just 2 glasses of alcohol.

I love to sing though my voice isn't fantastic. 

With his good friends.

& me with the rest of the girlfriends. 
Omg my hair looks super disgusting here.
Wavy & the color is like failed ombre. 
Need to go Salon Vim asap.

Crazy boys.

The room was obviously too small to contain all their testosterones. 

Wore the blazer immediately because I was cold.
I know it is super tak-match with my yellow dress but don't care lah!


Gonna be away this weekend.
Off to Sydney.

I hate being away from Singapore during the weekend because that's when everyone relax & goes out & have fun. & my family always have family gatherings on weekends too!! I hate the fact that I'm missing out on all of that & my boyfriend will be girlfriend-less for the weekend! 

"Sorry boyfriend, just bear with me for 2 more months & it will all be over!"


  1. The pic u took of MQ is damn funny!!
    I didn't know she walked around barefoot LOL

    Thanks for coming down!! <3

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