One of my favorite countries: Amsterdam.

Will fill in the words tomorrow.


Okay hello everyone, I siad I'll be back to fill in the words right? So yes, here I am!

The pictures of this blog entry was taken more than a year back. When I first started flying. My roster for the first month came and when I first saw "AMS" I was super duper excited!! Because it was 1 of the countries that I have always wanted to visit. 

& yes it is exactly what I imagined and MORE!!

Very laid back and relax.
Canals everywhere.

Too bad we didn't take a ride in those tiny boats.

With Jacky & Nicole.

Haven't seen them since my Amsterdam flight.
Both of them are so genuinely nice. & the 3 of us had so much fun together.

Sibei nice graffiti.
Why Singapore cannot like this!!

The people in Amsterdam cycle everywhere. Even working adults or prettily dressed ladies.
So chillax lah.
I think its because their weather is so good. Imagine cycling under the hot sun in Singapore, very wrong.

Found a little cafe by the canal and decided to have a little break there.

In such chilly weather, we appreciate the warmth from the sun. 
Nicole is so pretty!
I remember thinking how pretty she was a year ago & now when I see these pictures again, I still feel the same. 

3 flight attendants and 1 pilot!

Back in my hotel room after a day of exploring around town & the Red Light District.

& the next day, we woke up early for the tour that we signed up for.

Went to visit the clog makers village!

Miniature clogs for you?

How about super mega-ass huge clogs.

Try pronouncing the word behind me.

With a dutch lady, milkmaid?
We went to visit the Cheese factory too! So many different types of cheese. Love the black pepper & herbs one.

& windmills!!
My 1st time ever seeing them.

Love how calm the entire village made me feel.
The air was fresh & clean and the weather was just perfect. 

Goodbye windmills, I'll be back to visit you in years to come.
Preferably with my husband the next time round. 

Went to another Village to see the pretty houses.
& I told Jacky to snap a picture of me with the pretty flowers from someone's house.
I love daisies!

A little lunch.
I got the french onion soup which was delicious.

& next we got onto a yacht to bring us to another village or island!

First time I didn't feel the need to cover myself up with umbrella though I was under the sun the entire day. & surprisingly I didn't get darker at all.

Fresh strawberries?
Super sweet.

As you can tell I was in my own camwhoring world..

Nicole checking out the neighbourhood.
Very nice right the houses here.
So peaceful & homely.

I miss Amsterdam!!

1 of the countries on my bucketlist checked.

The remaining countries that I've yet been to & am dying to visit is:
- Rome.
- Santorini.

I will get there. 

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