Kimchi please.

Sorry for being away for 1 whole week!!
I've been meaning to update but I'm always out or sleeping. :(

Went to Korea on 1 of my flights about 2 months back. 
& here's some pictures to share with you!

Besides, just shopping & shopping, we decided to do some sight-seeing!

Went to a palace!
Heard that they filmed some scenes of "DA CHANG JING" here.

The sun was very bright that day & the weather was like Singapore's.

After 1 hour, we decided to head to the shopping area "Myeong dong".

Decided to have a drink at 1 of the super cute cafes.
With Dini. 

Didn't put much makeup, because Korean girls don't put much make up one right?
HAHA, no lah, I was very tired from the flight back from San Francisco to Seoul, so I was lazy to put so much makeup on my face.

Picture from Instagram.
Ice peach tea, if I remembered correctly.

Then we got hungry & walked around to find a authentic Korean restaurant for lunch.

Sibei cool graffiti.

& it was lunch time!

Seafood pancake.
The best I've ever had.
All those that I ate in Singapore is shit compared to this man.

Ginseng chicken soup!
Quite yummy too!
Got sticky rice stuffed in the chicken one. But the soup is not very tasty if you are wondering, its just those very healthy type.

& after lunch + shopping, we visited this Cat cafe!! 

Preggy cat.

The cozy cafe.

Cats everywhere I swear.

This one damn cute.

Another one hiding here.

Goodbye kitties.

The must-have sibei long icecream when in Korea.

Spotted this cute mascot & its perfect for pictures!

Spotted this at a local market.
The english words above, damn funny.

Below are pictures I grabbed from my instagram.


Snacks I got back. 

View during my bath time. 

Like this picture because I think I look damn young here. 

Damn afraid of growing old!!

Thank god for botox!
It will be my bestfriend in 15 years time.

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