Bird day

It was my best friend's birthday. 
& we had dinner reservations at Melt the world, Mandarin Oriental Hotel. 
I was googling for hotels with good buffets & we decided on that. I've personally tried a couple of hotel buffets before & the top few in my opinion were: Ritz carlton & Shangri la hotel. 

What I wore:
Vintage floral top from Primark, London.
Skirt with opening from TVD.
Clutch from New Look.

OOTD post for instagram. 

Got this super cool hair cuff from H&M in London.
Its a leopard or cheetah or whatever. Damn nice!!

But I decided to let my hair down in the end. Haha!

Really loving the skirt!

Pictures with Shunxiong at the lobby of the hotel. 

Let's start eating!!

Hello, my friends from under the sea.

Boyfriend taking a break & my brother still happily eating.

In the ladies with birdie.
The prettiest girlfriend. :)

Love her entire outfit. Super cute dress from Taiwan.

Happy Birthday birdie!

This is the, what?, 15th birthday we are spending together?


We've been friends for 15 years!!!


This is what happens when we see full length mirrors.

When back to the table for 2nd round of food-whacking, & just nice, they refilled the seafood area.

Brother & birdie.

Boyfriend & I.
& bird is the worst photographer ever.
She always takes from the worst angles & once she even included a dustbin in my pictures when it could have been avoided if she tilt a little to the right. THIS GIRL AH!! 

See, I take for her one always damn chio.

Edit for her on instagram also!! 

Like a happy family photo.
Bird says she looks like the mother & we are her children. LOL.

I love you, birdie.
No matter how many black faces I give you when I'm in my terrible moodswings, or how many petty fights we used to have when we were younger, or how long we seldom we hangout (just us two), bear in mind that you are 1 of the most important people in my life. 

You are someone that understands and knows me inside out. & same for me to you. I know all of your weird, freaky habits & still, it doesn't change anything to our friendship. Because, I know, this friendship is here to stay till we are old & grey. 

Birdie & my brother.
Can't wait for them to get married.
I'll be sooooo happy for her.

& my brother will be a lucky bastard to have her because she is so suitable for him.
He likes to have "xiao nu ren" as his partner & bird is absolutely the most "xiao nu ren" girl ever.

Shunxiong & I with birdie.

I'm glad that Shunxiong & Birdie gets along really well.
In fact, during the time Shunxiong was after me, the 3 of us always hung out together. We would like go for supper, shopping & even club together at Phuture.

"Wish my ah ma good health, & for me to stay pretty, skinny, fair, with flawless skin forever".
The above mentioned are confirm included in her wish.

Birdie is always there for me when I'm overseas for work. 
When I'm emo, I will always whatsapp her & she will be there to cheer me up.
The latest funny thing she told me was "Your fatty bro also miss you. He said he feels like the only child. Because you are always flying. But then he said its okay, he got used to it already"

HAHAHA, so funny my brother!

All four of us.

It was a great dinner & we had alot of fun talking & laughing.
More of such dinners please. 

The other thing we did that I had alot of fun was our picnic at Marina barrage.

Ending a picture with my love.

So happy to spend the last 4 days in Singapore with him everyday.
Met up with my cousin & aunt too.
& esther, michelle, Juan. 
& had a short chat with birdie when she stayed over on Saturday.

So little time in Singapore always.
Feels like I have to make full use of my time whenever I'm around to meet up with my loved ones. See, I'm such a good girlfriend/friend/niece/sister/daughter.

HAHA, sibei self-praise.


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