Never been more homesick

Lying on this really uncomfortable bed in Moscow, Russia, right now. There are like little dents on the bed so whenever I lie flat on my back for too long, I get very bad backaches. I want my seahorse brand bed that I have back home. The one that cost me only $500 but feels like a thousand bucks. 

Was looking through my photo albums on my macbook & realized I didn't post up many pictures that I've taken overseas during my work time. & I think its about time I start sharing a little of the adventures I've had over the past year.

This time, London.

A cup of hot chocolate during the cold weather, perfect.

With Janet on the tour bus.
A super sweet senior stewardess I met last year. & this year, we flew together again to Paris & she was still such a dear. If only everyone was as lovely as her.

After a 2.5 hours bus ride.
This was definitely worth it.

One of the perks of my job.
You get to visit the wonders of the world & get a picture with it so you can show it to your children years later.

With Sulwyn. 
Another stewardess that got along really well with me.
In fact, she was the one who taught me how to do french twist. 

I always think that the skies overseas are prettier.
See how pretty & fluffy the clouds are.

The must-see tower bridge.
It opens up & closes at a certain timing to let boats pass the bridge.
& we managed to watch it happen. Look closer at the bridge, see it going up? Its like that scene in Inception where all the walls/floors are moving. Cool shit.

It is my last day here in Moscow. Probably the last time I'll ever set foot here. Unless I were to come here on a holiday on my own. Which I highly doubt so.  I've been away from home for coming 10 days now. This is the longest I've ever been apart from my mom, dad, brother & of course, Shunxiong. I miss them all terribly. 

My dad texted me a couple days back when I was in Houston. "Take gd care n rest well. See u soon." Simple text. But it made my day. My dad rarely messages me when I'm away. I think he really misses me too. 

Many people say that my job is the best. Get paid to travel, to see the world, get paid when I'm sleeping overseas, get paid to try all types of food over the world, get paid to go shop & buy branded goods at a much cheaper price. YES. I would agree to all of that. But to me, that hardest part would be leaving my family, friends & loved ones. I've never really been an independent individual. So imagine how hard it was for me when I have to learn to be independent & do pretty much everything alone when I'm abroad. Yes, we do make friends with fellow colleagues, but, somehow it is just different. I've probably only really made less than 5 real friends. 

I can deal with the job being tiring, 14 hours flight sometimes, or even colleagues who are bitchy or nasty. All these, I can deal with. I just can't stand being homesick. I'm weak this way. Since young I've always spent a huge amount of time with my family. My house was always filled with people. My grandparents, my cousins, my aunt & uncle. See, I used to stay in a landed property & my cousins & aunt + uncle stayed together with my family & my grandparents. I was used to being around my family all the time. 

Okay, enough of all the emo talking. Always happens when I'm doing 4-sector flights. I'm gonna try to sleep now. & when I open my eyes tomorrow, I'll be preparing to check out of the hotel & be on a 10 hours flight back home to Singapore.

Oh, you have no idea how much I am looking forward to it.


3 more months.


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