Dim sum at Red Star.

 Right now, I'm blogging in Houston, Texas! It's dinner time & I'm hungry! But my room mate, Giselle, is busy packing all her shoppings into her luggage, so I have some time to waste before we head down to dinner nearby our hotel.

So glad to have a friend on this flight. Imagine being away from home for 10 days is not easy okay. So at least there's a friend to keep me company. Even though we both have our room hotel rooms, we decided to bunk in together as the hotel room here is really huge & the bathroom is a little creepy. *Shudders.

Gonna blog about my belated birthday brunch with the girls.

Super old school way of having dim sum!!



Thank you girls for having this lunch with me. 
With May, Esther & Michelle.

Managed to squeeze 4 of us in. I have long arms.

From iPhone!

After our super filling brunch. Michelle ah quek.

TheChicBarbie, May.

Tiny Esther.

Headed over to Bugis to shop a little before Megan came over to find us.

Nutella tart from Everything with fries.

Some crepe thingy, not nice!

Check out the huge pimple at the side of my nose.

Megan, May & Michelle.


Group shot.

Okay that's all.

Gonna crash now.

Flying back to Moscow tomorrow afternoon.

Its been almost a week since I've left home.

Missing it terribly. 


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