Love your tresses.

Went out to town with my best girlfriend, bird, sometime back.

So happy to spend some alone time with her because most of the time, even though I see her every week, its because she is staying over at my house. For those who are clueless, birdie is my best friend since primary 4. & she became attached to my elder brother 5 years ago. So imagine, bestfriend, NOW = sister-in-law to be!! haha, awesome much?

So yes, we had some quality, alone time.

Wore my new top that I bought from Korea.

I was done preparing quite early, so can take many pictures of myself since got make up on, don't waste!

Picture that I posted on instagram. 

We had lunch at Marmalade Pantry at Ion.

Mushroom risotto.
Okay only~

Mushroom soup, NOT BAD.

Some lasagna thingy, also okay only.

Will not go back there for quite some time for food.
Pricey & not very tasty. 

But!! I don't mind visiting it for its tea + cakes + scones. Saw a couple of tai-tais having it next to our table & it looks quite good. Shall try it one day & let you guys know how it is. :)

Pictures with pretty bird bird.

Perfect nose, super deep set eyes, ang moh genes, + big boobies = LIFE IS UNFAIR.
Luckily she is not tall. 
If not I will hate her. Too perfect liao. HAHAHA. Joking.

& for everyone who keeps saying I'm damn fair, blah blah, check her out. Every time I take pictures with bird, I always end up looking 2-3 shades darker than her. She is MEGA fair lah, almost to the extend of being WHITE. But she wants to be even fairer. Errr.. YouMadBro?

Pictures with my iPhone. 

Last minute, I felt that my fringe was in the way & decided to head down to Salon Vim for a quick fringe cut!

See! Too long already, out of shape liao.

But don't worry, Luis to the rescue!!

Love watching him work on my hair. 

Cause I know by the end of it, I will be chio! : D

See what I told you!

Act demure only.

Okay last picture.

Went to the basement of 313 somerset for dessert.

Chocolatey gooey goodness.

It's really quite yummy! 
But will get a bit sick of it cause its too chocolatey so I recommend it that you share it between 2 person if you are not a sweet tooth. 

In fitting room also can take outfit shoot.

Was in Zara trying on clothes. 

Okay that's all!

Wanna get lustrous & healthy hair? 

Then you'll definitely need to try the latest Redken Chemistry Treatment at Salon Vim!

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Will blog about my latest trip to Salon Vim soon

Busy preparing for my 11 days flight tonight.
But I will have plenty of time in Moscow, Russia to blog! So stay tuned for more updates!



  1. Hi=)always read ur blog=)
    Juz want to say go to St Petersburg if u r in Russia for 11 days!!the place is soo beautiful!!!its like a mini Venice to me...
    Enjoy ur stay in Russia!!


  2. hello jessica!

    okay thanks for ya intro! I'll see if my colleagues wanna visit there! :) I wont dare to go alone!

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