The last time we Mink-ed.

Overdue-d pictures from clubbing at Mink.

Touch down at like 9+ pm, rushed home to wash my hair & rushed out for a night of fun with my friends. Was I tired? Physically yes! But any night out with them is totally worth it.

With my ex colleagues, April & Charmaine, from the magazine firm I was in.

With boyfriend & Esther photobombing us.

Sue ann was there too!

With Daphne wee. My secondary schoolmate. We are KC-ians!!

Alvin Ng & us.
No idea why my stupid fringe is split in such a weird way. UGLY MAX.

Sue ann sue ann!
Go party confirm see her one.

With Marcus & fat boy oncoming.
Esther damn sexy ah, wear fishnet top. HAHA

Wei!! Nice picture lor, but kena disturbed by Sue ann's fingers.

With Sue ann's friend. 
Very young only!! So jealous :(
HAHA, check out my boyfriend in the background.

With Esther & Char.

With Dreylene.

Finally a picture with Michelle Quek & Megan.

Love love.

Coincidentally all of us were wearing black & red! 

Last picture of the day.

My latest skincare splurge!
SK-II's newest Stempower moisturizer. 

Read from the website that it is pore minimizing & age defying + gives your face radiance!

Have been using this for about 2 weeks & am still loving it.

The texture is quite thick, however it is absorbed by the skin really fast so not to worry about the "sticky" feeling. Pores really does seem to look smaller the next morning. No idea if its my own eyes playing tricks on me or what. But it does seems smaller!! & as for the age defying factor, I don't see any immediate change because I don't have wrinkles or whatever so this product is more of a "prevention" for me.

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