Revive Wellness

Last week, I went for brazilian waxing! Was really excited about it because I've read many reviews on Revive Wellness & how great their service are.

On the cab going to Central. 
Which is located at Clark quay area.

Was served a cup of green tea while I was being explained the process & details of my brazilian waxing.

I was going for the - Princess brazilian -
That is the most popular choice because the aftercare spa treatment is really amazing!!

Their new salon looks really clean & refreshing! 

The front of the salon. 

Shortly after, I was brought to this room!

Was told to shower my lower half for hygiene purposes.
& I think it is a brilliant idea lah. I've heard from friends that some B-waxing salon just use cleansing wipes to clean.

At Revive Wellness, you get DOUBLE the cleanliness. 
First you shower, then they use the wipes.

The wax that they are using is Hard Wax.
& I was told that it is better than Soft wax because it hurts less. 

& it really didn't hurt that much. On a scale of 1-10, I would say 3-4? & maybe 5-6 on some sensitive region? But still very bearable. & for the end results, I would say it is very worth it!

& my therapist was really gentle with me. She was really concern with my threshold for pain & kept checking with me if it was too painful for me to handle and if I was comfortable. Customer service = Best.

So after removing all the unwanted hair, Revive Wellness uses the above device to perform this "Cold Hammer" treatment. It is to close up the pores. This not only makes the skin smoother, it is also to prevent infection & bacterial all that too! 

I loved it man. Damn shiok!! 

Happy me!

& the last step would be, a Vitamin C Whitening mask for your .. ahem.
A whitening mask!!
How special you tell me?

I love how baby smooth my skin was after the entire Princess Brazilian waxing.

Cannot wait to go for my next waxing session 6 weeks later.

Because the more frequent you do b-waxing, 
- the finer your hair becomes,
- it will grow lesser + slower,
- say bye to ingrown hairs,
- complete baby smooth skin as compared to shaving, you get stubbles.


When all was over, Stacy, who was in-charged of marketing, brought me around the new salon to take a look.

The entire stretch belongs to Revive Wellness.

A little "private corner".
Would be perfect for you to book the place for a couple of your girlfriends if you are throwing a hen's night party.

Thank you Stacy & Revive Wellness for introducing such a wonderful experience for me.

There was zero awkwardness even though I was naked (lower half).
The lady, my therapist, who was helping me was totally professional.
& she explained each step of the process to make sure I knew what she was doing & to prep me of what was going to happen next.
The entire b-waxing session was stress-free, pain level: bearable, & I leave the salon feeling clean & happy!!

Blog readers please quote "MEITING" to enjoy the 1st session of 
Signature waxing at only $38 (u.p $78) or 
the Princess Brazilian that I did at $68 (u.p $118)

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, Central #03-44a S059817 
Telephone no: 6222 0061 / 6296 8809 


After my bwaxing session, I took a bus from Central to Bugis to meet my boyfriend & Juan!
The above picture was taking while I was waiting for bus.

Early dinner.
I was super hungry, check out my nasi lemak. 
How many dishes I've ordered.
But didn't finish in the end. :(

Went to massage after!

I love massages!

Need to go at least once a month.
Best if can go once every fortnight.

Went to Ah Chew Desert after that.


With my crazy ding dong childhood friend, Juan!

Happy & simple day we had.

Yum yum.


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