Birthday part 3.

When you think of birthdays, usually you'll think of getting a year older & presents & all that right? But another GREAT thing about birthdays is that you get to spend time with your loved ones & family members. & that for me is really important because I'm mostly in & out of Singapore, so family time is really much needed.

On my birthday itself, boyfriend & I went to Royal China for lunch.

Outfit from Forever 21!
Got it in London.
& yes I don't make my bed after I get up. I'm the type that goes "what's the point when you are going to mess it up again at night?" 

Camera didn't love me that day though.
I think I look really tired.

But what made me smile was..


Very fattening, but I really love this!
Crispy 3 layer pork!!

We ordered more but I was too engross with the food to bother to take pictures of them.

Waiting for our dessert!

Boyfriend came after work so he was wearing formal.

I still really like using Gifboom but sometimes I forget about it. 
Twitter & instagram ftw.

Eat full already = wanna sleep.

So after that we went back to boyfriend's house for him to change & shower & relaxed for a couple of hours before..

We met up with my parents & brother for dinner at East Coast Park's Jumbo Seafood!

Mommy & Daddy!

With boyfriend & my brother.
Bird did not attend the dinner because her face had crisis again.
Outbreak of tiny red dots & she went to do laser so she can't leave the house. BOO!

Lovely view while waiting for our food.

All very ready to whack the crabs with our aprons on!

Lobster salad as starter.
Damn expensive can, $80 if I'm not wrong.

Salted egg yolk prawns.

MY FAVORITE - bamboo clams.

The star of the day, chili crab!!
Love the man tou + the sauce!!

The aftermath.

Abrupt ending, but its late & I'm gonna snooze.

Shall end this post with another picture I took in Paris.

No picture/color editing at all.

How I wish my loved ones were all there with me too.
That would be perfect.

Sweet dreams!

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