Have you Smitten-ed?

Greetings everyone! *big smile* 

As most of you would have already known, my dressing lately has been really loud & colorful. That's because its summer right now and the trend for the past couple of months has been all about colors!

So when I went onto SMITTEN on Jipaban, I was super excited because all the clothes that greeted me were of my interest.

Happy girl all decked in SMITTEN'S crochet day dress.

Alright, before I show you guys the pretty apparels that I've gotten, here's a little background information you should know about Smitten.

The wonderful people at SMITTEN believes that the happiest girls are the prettiest. That's why you will find that all the apparels they carry are of vibrant colors & prints. The aim they have is to add a touch of freshness into your wardrobe & perhaps, even some sparkle into your life.

At SMITTEN, they take pride in ensuring each & every purchase you make is a thrilling & magical one

& as they say, the SMITTEN girl is unique. "She is that girl with the sunny smile, wearing the equally bright dress, with a spring in her step and a constant twirl of her flared skirt." 

Dressed in the maxi sundress.

 Goes really well with my straw bag. I can totally imagine myself wearing this outfit for my upcoming picnic!

The color yellow has kind of been 1 of my favorite shade to wear nowadays. & to add on, the heart shaped cut outs ♥ at the bust area really makes this dress that much cuter! 

Anyhow throw on a crochet headband to complete the look.

Looks way much better worn this way though. LOL.
& I really like wearing maxi dresses because it makes me feel ladylike. 

Another dress I picked from SMITTEN.
I love how this dress is perfect for a casual day out. It is simple looking but not boring!

The crochet details are so pretty!

The material is really light & comfortable when worn. 
In fact, I liked it so much that I wore it out immediately after that for dinner & movie on my Friday night!

This has got to be my favorite outfit out of all!
Because its a little more dressed up & yet not over the top.

Sheer blouse in mustard & polkadot navy skorts.

The gold buttons on the blouse really stands out against the black sleeves. It makes the top looks so classy! & as for the skort, it is perfect for a tomboy like me! I can look like I'm wearing a skirt but don't have to behave like I'm wearing like one! Haha, okay not just that, but also because I'm kinda tall so I always have to wear safety shorts under most of my short skirts. But with this, I don't have to worry!

Why fade into the crowd wearing dark colors? 
Wear something loud & cheerful to brighten up your day!

I've been SMITTEN-ed, have you?

They are giving out a pair of $100 Jipaban Shopping Voucher to the best Smitten girls. All you have to do is submit a photo of you and your best friend doing what you both love. Be it a brunch date, shopping date, manicure date…… it can be anywhere, anytime. Be creative!

 Step 1: Like and Share The Smitten Girl’s video

Step 2: Submit a photo of you and your best friend doing what you both love to contest@jipaban.com Contest ends: 31st August 2012, 11.59 pm.



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