My bday at NANA

My birthday this year was celebrated over like 3-4 days. See, I am loved. Haha. Actually, as I grow older, I don't really care about birthday celebrations. I just wanted to have a nice dinner & spend time with my family, boyfriend & friends. But I have no idea how come a simple affair spanned across so many days! From partying at Nana, to dim sum brunch with boyfriend, to another dim sum brunch with the girls, to jumbo seafood dinner with my family & another buffet at shangri la The Line with my aunt. 

So I have to spilt them up into different entires again! But that's good news right? Means more blog entries for you guys to read! :)

Pictures from my birthday celebration at Nana. 

My cousin's friend on the left & my cousin, Desmond on the right.

With my girls!!
Esther, Juan & Janice.

& the boys.

A group shot!!
Thank you guys for coming. :)
We got the biggest room in Nana.

Toilet break with michelle quek!

Ooo, I see boobies.

Gifboom-ed in the ladies.

& Janice got her sweet revenge. 
Cause when it was her birthday, we made her down 5 seconds of martell too. 
Payback's a bitch.

With my cousin again!

With Shane & "Xing guan da dao"

Esther & Andy.

Chio effects leh!
No idea how it happend. LOL.

With Oncoming, Juan & Esther.

Ugly photo taking contest time!!









So who is the ugliest?!?!?
I think its Me, Michelle & Desmond leh.
Michelle's one damn ugly cause the eyelash kena pull until damn weird. LOL. 
Good sportsmanship!! I like!

Okay, here's a chio me with my other cousin, Edmund!

Tearing the KTV room down with our horrible singing.
But we had a great time leh!

Michelle & Edmund.

My favorite girlies.


 Boyfriend said he felt left out.
Sorry, cannot maintain myself with I got my girls + alcohol. 

Ok lah, lai.. I give you some love now.

Someone ordered the snacks platter!

& then we went crazy.

Don't ask.


More people came up to join in the fun.

No need to say, you also know I had an awesome time that night right?

Picture from Michelle's camera.

Right before we left the club.

Got my purple dress from Taiwan.
I think this will be the only time I'm wearing it. 
I have too many new clothes yet to be worn.
Like more than 15 outfits, top + bottom.
My mom & shunxiong says I have to stop buying clothes.
Shunxiong even say that its an illness. That I have to buy new clothes every week when I have so many unworn new items. 


I really got problem meh?


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