Last post on Taiwan!

This will be my last post about my Taiwan trip! I know is like long gone but I was there for 7 days can! So I have to split up the pictures into different posts. 

Here's the link to the other entries.

So here's the last post to it! 

& guess what? I have a couple days of leave left in October during boyfriend's birthday so we are deciding to take a short holiday! Now deciding between Hong Kong, Bangkok or Taiwan again! Cause my boyfriend loves the shopping there. -_-

On the last 2 days, shopping at some mall that I can't remember.

Got tired & decided to sit at some cafe to rest our legs.

Got makeup = must take pictures. Don't waste the hardwork.

Super unique way of eating Dao huay!
The taiwanese style. We had this at Shilin night market. I MISS IT SO MUCH.

Boyfriend loved it too.

Spotted this cute poodle at one of the shoe shops.

Our must-have everyday, AH ZHONG MEE SUA.

Another food that I miss, Lu rou fan! So yums but fattening. heh.

Back at the hotel.

& below are pictures taken another day when we were sightseeing.

At fisherman's wharf.
With birdie & my aunt. 
Birdie & I had no makeup on because on that day we were going to the hot-springs so no point putting makeup!

Boyfriend, my uncle & my brother.

Before going up onto the small boat to be taken across the river.

Bromance on a boat.
Sounds like some kinda gay porn title.
& I hate the top that my boyfriend was wearing. Leopard prints, christ. He is banned from wearing it anymore. hahahha!

With my bestie, bird bird.

Group shot!!
& the boys with their happy buys - Porter. The porter bags are so much cheaper in Taiwan lor. I was very surprised. Wanted to get one but I think and think, it totally doesn't suit my dressing at all. So no point lah.

Some tourist shots.

I told my brother this picture too close. 

& he took this. -_- 
But its okay, I like how I was clinging onto shunxiong like a koala bear because it was super cold + windy at the harbor.

& after that, our tour guide/driver brought us to a rural village for our hot-springs bath!!

Open air one lor!! 
Imagine being all naked & exposed & opposite is another mountain with who knows who/what being there. 

The view we have when we stand at the edge.
A flowing stream.

& on the left.

Boyfriend filling up the tub with hot spring water!!
At one point it got soooo hot we both felt faintish. ahahaha!

After 45 minutes of soaking in the water.
We booked the room for 1 hour which was more than enough.

& we were super hungry after that & we were taken to this famous place for dinner.

Bamboo sticky rice.
So-so only.


The chicken!
I don't know how they marinate or cook it but it is damn yummy!!!
We finished 1 plate & order one because it was sooooo good.

On the plane before leaving Taiwan.

Super emo when leaving because I hate the feeling of a holiday ending. :(

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