Met up with my batchgirl, Hazel last week or was it 2 weeks back? To get our uniform tailored in town & Michelle came over to find us too!! & the funny thing is, Hazel & I always get rostered Aussie flights together!! We just did our 3rd Aussie flight, twice Sydney, once Melbourne. Please give us a longer flight together next time!! *prays

Here's me wearing Klarra's Cherry bustier top.

Decided to pair it with a pair of white shorts & a white blazer with Klarra's manufactured weaved clutch. (Think bottega inspired)

I really really loveeeee this clutch so much! It is so roomy! Don't be fooled by the looks of it. I can actually fit my camera, my wallet, my iPhone, my keys, lipsticks, hello kitty mirror, hair tie & other junks in it!! & everyone that saw me carrying it complimented the clutch. I got the coral colored one but there is another color too! Blue!  

Another close up of the bustier top from Klarra.

Picture taken from my instagram.

Anyway, ladies, please follow Klarra on facebook to get their latest updates & also preview the upcoming collections! I'm on it & I just saw them uploaded this super nice white military blazer for the next collection!!

 Ahhhh, I WANT!!
So nice righttt!! 

Okay enough, haha, let's move on.

With Hazel at Antoinette.
We were at the new outlet at Palais Renaissance.

With Michelle quek too.
& she was wearing this dress that I gave her. Hehe. Why? Because the dress is too short for me lah!! :( Bought it online but didn't know it is so short, not for giants like me.

Our brunch!
The food looks good right? But don't be fooled, it is just so-so only.

This carbonara is the most fail dish out of all.
Instead of spaghetti, they used some kinda pasta that is damn sticky & dough-ish. Couldn't swallow it man. Too sticky omg.

But the setting of the place is really pretty.
Like some garden.

Mandatory toilet shots when the mirror is full length!

:) Happy day out. 
These 2 girls just met but they could click so well, just chatted on and on without any awkwardness. GOOD! I LIKE.

A couple of people commented on my instagram that the 3 of us look alike! 
Do we?!

Okay, solo time. LOL.

Poor Hazel misses home so much. I'm gonna be a nice friend & ask her out more often when we are both in Sg!
She is from Penang by the way.

Pictures from Hazel's iPhone.

 Michelle has the tiniest face.
Jealous x10.

No idea why, but I was on impulsive shopping that day.

Loots from Tory Burch & Balenciaga.

Balenciaga SGH(Silver Giant Hardware) Triple Tour Bracelet. 

Tory Burch double warp logo bracelet.


I feel it would be too much to wear them both on 1 arm, so this is just for photo-taking sake.

Okay, its gonna 4.51am now. 

Gotta go brush my teeth & knock out.

Meeting girlfriend Juan tomorrow at Bugis early in the afternoon.


g'night loves.


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