Of flip flops, drinks & dear ones

Just 2 fridays back, I went to Takashimaya for dinner with boyfriend before attending Havaianas's 50th anniversary event.

Boyfriend's ramen.

& mine.
Some katsu set.

Dig in!!
Om nom nom.

 & then we headed up to #B1-38 of Takashimaya to the latest "H" store. 

My order sheet to customize my very own Havaianas slippers.

Picking out which base & strap I want.

Boyfriend came to meet me after work, so he was still in his formal attire.

Pretty cupcakes.
Happy 50th birthday Havaianas!!

With Bianca Zen, from MyFatPocket.
Someone who was so dear to me when I was still under contract with MFP. She was my go-to person all the time.

So glad to see her there!

Check out the crowd.

Us queuing up to get our flip flops created right before our eyes!

See! They really do it right there & then.

Gotten my very own!

Boyfriend's & mine.

Skull pin for boyfriend.

& a pair of aviators.

Mine! A golden heart.

& slipper-ception. A flipflop within another.

Am so glad to be able to be part of this 50th anniversary party of Havaianas. 
It was definitely an eye opener & I really love the comfort level of these flipflops. I would wear it every day if I could! :)

After that, we headed to Timber!

With megan, michelle & esther!
We were celebrating Esther's bday that day.

& she got sabotaged to go up and dance on the stage. HAHAHA.

After a couple of hours, we headed over to Neverland. 

At the sofa area.

With Yilin.

With boyfriend & his friends.



Yes he went home to shower & change. Vainpot.


With Charmain & April.
& I look crossed eye.

Juan finally arrived!!
& see my boyfriend photobomb us!

So happy together!

With Angela.

With the very drunk birthday girl.

Eugene + april.

Bape, boyfriend, alex & angela.

Bumped into reader Venetia in the ladies.

Tipsy us.

Hahah, what?

Last picture.
Sleeping in my arms. LOL.

There were loads more of pictures but I can't fit all of it here!!

& right now I'm lazing in my bed in the hotel of London. Gonna check out in another 3 hours. I'm so ready to go back to Singapore! My baby girl Juan is picking me up from the airport. YAY. SHIOK. Love it when someone picks me up from the airport. Damn love, feeling.


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