Recent skincare splurge.

Hello everyone!

It's gonna be a quick update on the latest skincare products that I've bought in this entry. 
Cause I'm like kinda sick right now. Having the flu, coughs & slight fever. Gosh. I hate falling ill!! But since I have a little time now, I better blog before my days get too busy for me to update.

I will also be answering all my formspring questions right after I've finished blogging. So if you've asked some questions there, you can go check it out cause I've replied!

Just a recent camwhore picture that was a really good shot. Hehe.

So, here's my skincare!!

SK-II's Facial Treatment Essence & the Cellumination Essence EX.

This is probably my 4th bottle of the FTE aka miracle water.
& I really really love it & can't live without it.

Many people ask me what is the benefits of the miracle water & what does it do to your skin cause some of them used it and feel that it doesn't do much. 

To me, it makes my skin less oily, clearer & definitely more hydrated. Because of my job, I have to fly all the time & being up there in the skies is very drying to my skin. My skin used to be normal-combination before I started flying but ever since I flew for 2 months plus, my skin became so dry at my nose, cheeks & mouth area. It was so bad that the skin around my nose started peeling. & after I started adding SK-II's Facial Treatment Essence into my daily skincare routine, AFTER toner, my skin stopped peeling!! & also, this product is known to keep your skin smooth & younger looking.

The Cellumination Essence EX.

I've heard many raves about this product too! But I always found it too expensive for such a small bottle and can't bear to purchase it. No idea why, I decided to buy it onboard one day. & after only using it for 4 times, I dare say that this product is really worth the money!!! I can't remember the exact amount, but its like between $160-$190 SGD. So yes, as I was saying, this product is damn good lah. My skin is noticeably fairer the very next day after just using this product ONCE. & when I asked bird 2 days later, she also agreed that my skin looks fairer. Damn dope!

But still, I can't bear to use this every day cause the bottle damn small only lah, so I only use it every alternate day.

Laneige's new version of water sleeping pack.

This is called FIRMING sleeping pack & as far as I know, its only sold in Korea, so I bought 2 at one go!

The texture is thicker than the water sleeping pack & it gives your skin the "Doink doink" feeling after applying it. So I guess that's where the FIRMING part comes in right? So while the water sleeping pack just hydrates your skin and gets absorbed really quickly, this Firming sleeping pack envelopes your entire face because the texture is really damn different lah. I don't know how to explain but I like this pretty much too. 

Laneige's Blackhead Melting Gel.

Also not sold in Singapore, so I kiasu bought 2. Hehe.

See the button at the right side? Press once or twice to pump the gel out.

Then use this to scrub around your nose.

This product is the hardest to give review on because..... I'VE NOT BEEN USING IT RELIGIOUSLY. You are supposed to use it like 3 - 4 times a week and its after washing your face before skincare. I always leave this product in my room & when I go to bathe, I'll totally forget to bring it along and by the time I'm out of the shower in my room, I can't be bothered to go back to the bathroom again to scrub my nose with it & rinse off with warm water.


So to all that are asking if it really melts/removes your blackhead, I can't give you an accurate answer. I mean, my blackheads does seem to look less "black" and obvious after using this product lah, but you know blackheads are sooo stubborn, it seems to ALWAYS be there. Damn.

Khiel's Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

This is my 2nd bottle. Well, I've yet to finish the 1st one but I just came back from the States 1 month ago & its really much cheaper to buy Khiel's products over there than in Singapore, so I just bought 1 to keep because I know I like this product enough to use it for long.

It is quite oily when you first apply it, so to those who hates having oily products on your face, here's a warning first ah, it is oily. BUT!! It absorbs really quickly into your skin and it smells really soothing and calm. Damn good to use before going to bed. I mostly use this product when I'm overseas. Because the climate overseas is so much drier than Singapore's.  

Me in London, after washing up my face & applying the Khiel's midnight recovery concentrate.

& when I wake up the next morning, my skin looks really good. Like it is super hydrated and plumped. It is said to be anti-aging, so YAY.

The bottom 2 items are not skincare, just makeup.

Bobbib brown's shimmer brick.

Good for highlighting!
But the color is a little dark for my skin tone. How? 

Liquid foundation & powder from Benefit.

Both from the "Hello Flawless" range.

The liquid foundation is really watery, like the Lancome Teint Miracle one that everyone swears by. I have that too, but I decided to get this to try out as well. But still, I seldom wear liquid foundation out. LOL. I just buy them and use it when I'm feeling hardworking that day. Don't like piling on too thick makeup on my skin. The only area on my face that I apply super thick makeup on is my EYES. 

Very light coverage powder.
Good eyeliner day.

Took this gifboom 2 days ago when boyfriend was showering & I was bored.

Okay, gonna take my medicine & sleep right now.




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