Make Your Own Havaianas

Greetings from Frankfurt!!

Gonna be here for another day.
The above was my outfit picture taken yesterday. 

I'm gonna head to town today to get a few Long Champs! Very cheap here. Gonna get one for my mom, a super huge one for myself to bring overseas where I can throw all my shopping in, and maybe another one for myself if it has the pretty pink shade that I want!!

& look at my crazy buy from the supermarket yesterday.
HAHA, because birdie loves Balisto alot! & she told me to buy like $50 worth of it.

& this is tired,oily faced me when I just arrived on Monday morning.
With my rila bear! 


Hey everyone, did you know that Havaianas is turning 50 this July?!

& to celebrate their 50 years of creating awesome comfortable flip flops, they are launching the debut of ‘Make Your Own Havaianas’ (MYOH) customisation event for Singapore Havaianistas this July 2012.

 Love to own a pair of unique flip flops that you can call your own creation?
Where you can pick & match the soles & straps & also add decorative pins onto it!

I would love to!! Because personally, I already have 4-5 pairs of Havaianas slippers! 2 pairs of black, pink, white, brown! I can't wait to see what pretty combination I can come up with!

Got this brown pair from States.

My current favorite pair that I got 3 months ago.

Then don't miss this chance!

This 'Make Your own Havaianas' (MYOH) event will only be spanning across 2 days from the 14-15 July at their new "H" store located at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, #B1-38

See you there!

Edited the above pic before I went to bed last night..

Below are just some pictures from Photobooth before I head out.

Okay, going shopping now!



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