You jump, I jump.

Hey you,

Ever had a day where you feel like shit. Like literally, feel like crap. Well, today is one of those days for me. I feel ugly. I'm not fishing for any compliments. Really. I looked into the mirror just now after I've washed my face & applied my skincare products, and I didn't like what I saw. 

My single eyelids. 
My dull pale yellowish skin. 
My fat nose & the stubborn blackheads on it. 
My skin is getting bad because my period has just ended. 
So say hi to the few pimples on my cheeks. 
& I think I saw some dark spots too.


Cannot wait till I get my double eyelid surgery done!!
I've changed my mind & not go to Thailand for my surgery already. Though its much cheaper in Thailand. Like 5x cheaper than what I'm going to pay for. But I think I'm more comfortable with the new surgeon that I've picked. I will not be sharing the clinic/hospital's name because a friend of mine recommended it to me & I don't think she/he will want too many people knowing about it. Anyway I've seen the results on my friend & it looks really good. The eyelids are parallel & very even & the downtime was really short. & not much of scar too. So I've decided!! 

Just need to decide when is the right time to go get my eyelids cut. Cause I will need at least 7 off days. 

Okay, enough of beauty talk. 

Let me blog about the day boyfriend & I went dating in town followed by Titanic exhibition at MBS with Michelle, Esther, May & Andy!

Outfit of the day picture before heading out.

The above 2 were from my iPhone, pardon the quality.

Halter top - can't remember where I got it but it was purchased years ago.
Neon skirt - Lovebonito.

Make up of the day.
Check out my purple contact lens. LOL
& check out how defined my double eyelid is here. 
If only its permanent without the help of fake lashes.

Happy smile cause I felt happy dolling up & looking pretty.

Last picture before I took a cab to meet boyfriend in town.

Had lunch at Crystal Jade at Takashimaya because I was craving for porridge!
Like what the hell right, who will have cravings for porridge one? Haha.

Love their super thick congee. 

Ordered roasted chicken & triple layered pork too.
& a few other dishes but I was too hungry & lazy to snap pictures of it. 

So just 2 pictures!

After filling our tummies, it was time to shop.

So I camwhored in the fitting rooms because the lighting was good.

Looking back, now I kinda miss my long fringe. 
Damn fickle minded, I swear.

Boyfriend was busy on his phone, but I snapped away anyhow. 

Always happy to spend quality time with him whenever I'm back in Singapore.
But sometimes its hard to have him to myself the entire day because of his work. >.<
But he says I must be understanding because work = money = our future. 

So I shall remind myself to be a good girlfriend & not whine like a child when he is too busy.

Coming November, we will be 6 years old.

& to formspringers, stop asking when he will propose okay!! I also don't know!! Don't ask me, go ask him!! Every time you all ask is like adding salt to my wound okay! I also want it to be soon but... good things = worth the wait. HAHA.

& off to MBS we went!!

Group picture of us girls.
Me, Esther, Michelle & May.
We were as dressed as colorful as the Ferragamo shoe behind us.

Didn't regret going for the Titanic exhibition. 
Wanna go to the Harry potter one next!

After that, we were all damn hungry & decided to go have Mookata, aka Thai steamboat bbq, at Golden mile!

The starving boys.

Esther & I.

6 of us, 3 pots of steamboat. 
Cannot share more than 2 per pot when hungry, will fight one. HAHA!

With Michelle!

Wah, looking at this picture, I feel like eating it!

Esther & I on instagram.

Wah, I started blogging at 3am, now it's already 5.30am!!
Okay lah, to be fair, I was half blogging, half reading other people's blog & half researching on my double eyelid surgery & then chatting with my friend on the phone regarding her/his double eyelid surgery & getting damn engross with the 1st hand experience he/she was sharing. 

Gonna sleep soon.

Till then.


  1. awww.. we do get times when we feel extra ugly.. good luck on your surgery! i hope it goes well :)

  2. I always think u look good enough without makeup, your skin is beautifulllllllll :p

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