Just came back from Perth like 4 hours ago? I'm super duper shagged even though I had a good night sleep of 10 hours +. But still, work = damn tiring every single time. Back always ache after that. Old already lah!

But I'm so glad that almost every time after my night flights, I have a good meal before I end my day. I really hate the feeling of ending work and coming home with an empty stomach (I try not to eat airplane food, so if we have 2 meals on board, I always just eat 1 meal and skip the other, & end up really hungry when I end work) and going to bed straight. Its like, damn "no life" feeling. So most of the time, my late night dining buddy (if shunxiong is busy) would be none other than ... MICHELLE QUEK! She is damn steady bom pi pi one. She can drive all the way from her place at Serangoon area to my house at Simei! Just to pei me have a meal & chill out before she goes home. Damn love. 

So today I'm gonna blog about.. our clubbing night at Helipad!

But before that, we headed over to my friend's shop for dinner.

Damn cute right the shop!!
It's called 49 seats.

Food is affordable & it's tasty.

Michelle & I ready to have our dinner.

Cheese fries, yumz. Less than $6.

& mushroom soup! $4.90 only if I remember correctly.
Look at the numbers on the soup, "49" for 49 seats.

Michelle's steak.

My fish cordon bleu. 
& all mains are like $15++ only?

Damn worth the price lah.

I brought my neon colored specs that I got from Taiwan & we fooled around with it.

With my friend, Leonard, who shares this restaurant!

Boyfriend came by to have his late dinner after work.
Chicken chop + aglio olio.

Grabbed this from my instagram.

Address for 49 seats is damn easy -- 49 kreta ayer road. It's damn near chinatown.

With our stomachs filled, we headed over to Helipad.

With Michelle.
We both look damn weird here, like the face damn weird. LOL.

In the club, with Esther!

Oncoming, our irritating buddy, & with boyfriend!

Esther & Andy.

Met Sue ann there too!

Ready to party.

So happy together.

Love partying with my boyfriend.
But he hates it when I get drunk.
Because when I get drunk, I get really crazyyyyyy.
I once did a cartwheel when I was wearing a dress.
Kena nagged big time by Shunxiong. HAHAHHAA.

Love having my girlfriends with me!

Boyfriend cannot stand our camwhoring everytime. 

Like this pic!

Where did this sunflower came from?
I took it from the one of the decorations in the club. 

Like this pic even more.
Got damn gay vibes.

Awesome night but too short lived lah.
All got wasted & puked before 3am. LOL.

Been partying with this tiny girl since I was 18.
From Zouk to Double O to MOS(now called zirca) to Nana to Filter to many la ..

To the person who asked on formspring how tall my boyfriend is, 
HE IS 179CM!
I wear whatever heels also still shorter than him! Damn shiok.


Group picture before we ended the night.

This picture was taken by the photographer in Helipad.
Stole it from their facebook.

Drunk us in Michelle's car.


Gonna try to have an early night today. Have to wake up rather early tomorrow as it's my Grandpa's death anniversary so we are gonna pray for him. & after that I gotta pack my luggage for my London flight on Saturday. & after that, I have to bathe, make up & choose what to wear for a day out with Birdie in town. & at night we are going to catch a movie with my brother & Shunxiong. It's gonna be a longggggg day tomorrow. 

I have really very little time in Singapore :(

It's really quite tiring trying to juggle the hours spent with my friends, boyfriend, family & my appointments with the limited days I have in Singapore. But I've already managed to do so for the past 1 year +. I can continue to do so for a while more!

I can do it. 

Oh, & another exciting news.. Birdie wants me to teach her how to open and manage a blog!! She wants to start a skincare/makeup blog. & I'm gonna give her my full knowledge. :) She should have thought of this long ago lor. Wah lao.

So stay tuned for it.


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