This blog entry is 3 months late! 

And for once it's not my fault or because of my "lack of time". Haha, but because Michelle has most of the pictures and if you do read her blog, you would know that it is super backdated so its damn hard for me to get the pictures from her cause she is still stuck in 2011!!

After much chasing, she finally processed the pictures and pass it to me. (Super reluctantly.. HAHA) So here it is!

We had tickets to go to the musical "WICKED" which was held at Marina Bay Sands.

Since we're all gonna dress up, we decided to camwhore with her ringlight!

That's me camwhoring with my iPhone in her room, & can you spot May in the mirror's reflection?

Here's the start of many many pictures.
Me, Mich, May!

Most of the pictures are from Michelle's camera.
I'm stick out like an eyesore next to these 2 tiny girls. 
I hate being the odd one out.

Birdie, Juan & Esther all also same, in the 1.5m++ range!! 
Only Megan is in the 1.6m+ range. 

This picture looks better, I tried to bend down abit.

Michelle, the pictures too bright liao!!

Ding dong liao.

A close up.
Wah, May's neh neh look damn delicious. HAHAHAH.
& my contact lens looks super chio up close! 
In real life it doesn't even look blue/purple at all man. But under the ringlight its like damn obvious.

HAHAHAHA, I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING when we were looking at the pictures from Michelle's laptop.

Wtf are we?

The 3 legs cooling water new ambassador!
Let me email them to ask for a 1 year sponsorship. LOL.

Okay fine, here's the short story behind this picture. Michelle, May & I always spent late nights out and quite often, when we have no where else to go, we will end up at Mustafa because it's open 24 hours! & at Mustafa, they sell the 3 legs cooling water in bulk! & being night owls, we are damn "heaty". Always falling sick, feeling feverish, having cough and all, so we always buy 3 legs cooling water to bring down our "heatiness".  & just when we were camwhoring in Michelle's room, the 3 of us were drinking the 3 legs cooling water & did a spontaneous pose with it. & the picture came out super funny because we really look like we are promoting the drink. 

So yah.

Okay, back to normal.

Or not..

Solo picture of me from my iPhone.

Got good lighting cannot waste it right?

From my instagram.
Mich's room light is damn yellowish I swear.

Now looking back at these pictures, I suddenly miss having long fringe. 
Gemini, damn fickle minded.

With my ah quek.
Hate taking pictures with her, cause I look so big next to her.
Her face so tiny!!!

In her car on our way to lunch!

Happy happy us.

Late lunch was at Katong shopping centre's basement for its super yummy chicken rice.

& its time for .. WICKED!

In the restroom.

& we got recognized by a reader in the toilet!
But she didn't come up to us & say hi leh. She commented on our formspring after.
Next time please do okay? We damn friendly one. Hehe. I swear.

With thechicbarbie.


Okay, wah, super tired now.
Just came back from work a few hours ago & my entire back is aching like mad. Not to mention I'm having a super bad migraine. I don't know why too. 

I have very little time in Singapore this week. Like just 2 days? Will be spending my weekend in London! Am definitely not complaining, because I love shopping there!! 

But its time for me to have many appointments done & I don't have enough time!! 
- Bi-monthly IPL for underarm at Musee Tokyo.
- Monthly brazilian waxing at Revive Wellness.
- Monthly facial at Touche.
- Fringe trim at Salon vim.




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