Taiwan sightseeing day!

Hello everyone,

I know I've been updating really little nowadays. & time has always been the cause of these lack of updates! Right now I'm at my boyfriend's place & I have 40 minutes to spare before I accompany him to go for his work appointment, so I'm gonna update!

See!! I do make an effort okay. 

HAHAHA, okay lah its because a reader just commented on my formspring saying that I blog lesser nowadays and I feel really bad about it. :( 

I know I need to keep my blog "alive" and updated and not disappoint readers who come to my blog, hoping to see a new blog entry. 

SO, LET ME PROMISE you guys that I will update more often. & if I don't, you can go to my formspring and kao peh me again. LOL.

Here's pictures from my Taiwan trip!!

If I'm not wrong, it was day 3? & we went sight seeing!!
Weather was hot!!!

Handsome boyfriend with his newly cut hair.
Guess which artist did he get his inspiration from? 

Birdie & I snapped a picture while my aunt when to buy the entrance tickets.

Brother, birdie, me & my aunt.
The sun was really scorching!!

The "every holiday trip must quarrel 1 big time" couple. 

Boyfriend and I.
See the background, SO NICE RIGHT!!!

Boyfriend fascinated by the fishes,worms or whatever that were growing in the holes.

My fat brother and I.
Okay, after our Taiwan trip, he realized he was damn fat and went on a DIET.
Yes, my brother went on a diet.
& he lost ALOT OF WEIGHT.
Now he is slim again.

Cannot keep my eyes open. 

Naughty boy 1,
he wasn't supposed to climb onto that thing.

My brother & Aik.
Doing naughty things again, like crossing the protective barriers. -_-
Rule breakers, such badasses. HAHA.

I also like this picture but my face cannot maintain.

We love nature!!

My aunt & uncle. 
My uncle, the one dude who drinks beer during sight seeing.

Spotted a couple taking wedding pictures.
When's my turn?

Breathtaking waterfall.

Next, we went to "Fang Tian Teng"
Which was, to let go of lanterns which we write our wishes on it.
A tradition that is very popular in Taiwan!

Birdie starting on her lantern.

& the 1st two things on my mind were "health" & for my family members to be "safe".
I know you guys sure expect me to write like, "be skinny", "pretty", "chanel bag" and all that!

I may seem like your typical materialistic girl but my loved ones & family always comes first!!!! 

Aik thinks he is artistic, he drew a happy face because he wanna be happy everyday. 
Seems legit.

Boyfriend & I getting ready to let our lantern fly.

I realized I write a lot of wishes about my "family" and very little about myself.
Okay, good karma please come my way.

Brother letting go of his lantern.
Can you spot what he drew?
Damn epic!

Up up & away~~

Birdie's turn!

Birdie chickened out and let go of her lantern while I was still holding on!!!
Luckily the taiwanese dude saved me from getting burnt from the sparkles.

May all our wishes come true! 

Couple picture on some bridge.

Full force!
Everyone who was in Taiwan with us.

On the train tracks.


At Rao He night market.

Okay, end of my post!!

Gotta go change now before boyfriend complains.

I have an exciting news. But nothing is confirmed yet. 


I hope everything turns out well before I announce anything.


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