Birthday part 1!

Good day everyone! 

Right now, I'm in San Francisco! One of my ultimate favorite country to fly to! :) But the time difference is really crazy man. 15 hours slower than Singapore! Its like 4pm (Saturday) here but its already 7am (Sunday) in Singapore. 

I wanted to take a nap but I realized that I haven't blogged in a long long time. So I shall do up a blog post on my recently celebrated birthday! 

My birthday was on the 8th of June. 

Shunxiong brought me to Universal Studios on the 7th.

On the cab to Sentosa!
But before that we had breakfast at some market.

Crazy face.

Okay, a happy one!

& this was one of the thing I was super looking forward to!

Transformers ride!!!!!!

In the queue.. 
& I cut off boyfriend's head in this picture.. heh.

Here's a better one.

& a picture from instagram!

The ride was super fun lah!!
We sat it twice.

& next we went to try this..

The rollar coasters!

We sat both the red and blue one.
IT WAS DAMN FREAKY but amazing.
I just remembered myself screaming at every turn,drop & corner. 
My boyfriend said I was a sucker for such adrenaline rush, cause he wanted to give up after the red roller coaster but I forced him to sit the blue one with me!

The weather was excruciatingly hot that day.
Perspired like mad. So I had to tie my hair up.

I had a great time even though this was my 2nd time to USS.

Stupid pose.

The Human & Cylon roller coasters.

& we took picture with transformers too.
I even bought the printed out version. Cost 12 bucks I think? But I like to buy such things for keepsake. :)

Happy us is happy me.

& us on the way back!!


& at the stroke of midnight,

Thank you my lovely friends for being there.


All no makeup & damn cui face.

Hope all my wishes come true.

Okay yay!!
I blogged!!!

I shall go have my nap now.. damn sleepy.

Flying back to Korea, Seoul tomorrow and spend a couple of nights there before I fly back to Singapore.

Have officially been away from home for 4 days. Another 3-4 days to go!!



  1. your skin always looks amazing! belated happy bday!

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