The time for family gatherings.

I thought I was done with February updates. 

But I was wrong, I totally left out my CNY pictures. Not alot though. Because I was only around for reunion dinner and CNY day 1. Day 2 onwards I was flying to Hong Kong then San Francisco. So I missed out quite a bit of CNY gatherings. :(

I remembered how bad I felt when I was all alone in the hotel in Hong Kong on CNY day 2. I called shunxiong through viber to chat but he was so busy because all of our friends were at his place for steamboat. And he was the host so he didn't have much time to talk to me as everyone had just arrived and he had to get them bowls/utensils/tables/chair and all that. So I, on the other hand, felt like a miserable sad loner in HK whose boyfriend was too busy for her. I've never felt so sad/lonely/depressed before. I actually cried like a baby for 20 mins? 

But its okay, I've told myself that this is the last time I will miss out on CNY gatherings with my family/loved ones and friends. 

Our special reunion dinner located at my ah gong's office.

The spread! There were more lah, but can't fit into the picture.

& the usual gambling follows after.

Went to the temple near boyfriend's house to pray at midnight.

Then everyone headed over to Leonard's house to continue gambling.

The next day, CNY day 1.

Camwhore in brother's car on the way to grandparent's house.

My mom & dad!

With mommy.

People always don't believe that she's my mother. -_-

Good for her, bad for me.
Cause it means she looks young and I look too old to be her daughter.

My cousins with my brother.

Parents and auntie + uncle.

Pictures with my 3 cousins.

At people's house bai nian = end up camwhore.

Went to meet boyfriend after all the family visiting.

:) my love.

& we went to pick Birdie up too!

So pretty.

& more gambling with the Lian family.

Ended the night with michelle & the rest of my friends gambling at a friend's place!


Okay, damn happy I managed to update a entry this week!!

I will try to keep updating often okay.


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