A day in town + double eyelids in 2013

Hello everyone, it has been awhile hasn't it?

Well, that's because I've just came back from Taiwan not long and it was awesome!!! I totally miss it. :( Was just looking through my instagram pictures and realized how much fun I had everyday when I was there. 

So right now, my boyfriend is next to me playing Diablo 3 on his macbook so, I thought "why not I update my blog!". I am soooo backdated on all my entries. BUT, still not as bad as that Michelle quek!! Her blog is like backdated for more than a year!

Mine is just a month. Hehe.

So here's what I did in the month of "MARCH"

Wearing my new top from London's Primark + crochet lace shorts from City plaza + Chanel GST.

Sorry the 2 pictures were so blurry! Hand not steady enough. Heh.

Okay, this one very clear.

We had pepper lunch for lunch!
Who were the we?
Juan, Michelle & I!

With Michelle in Ion's toilet. 
I feel like a giant next to her.

Me. Michelle. Juan.

From what I recall, we had a great time that day!
In fact, we have a great time every time we meet up.
We will always be having Sushi tei in town + random shoppings + chatting/laughing/gossiping.

Much clearer pictures huh?
Taken by my LX 3!!
Iphone really needs to do something about it's front camera lor!

I can't wait for Juan to be back from Taiwan.
I want more girlie times in town.

Oei, michelle, where you looking at?!

Much better!

After that, we headed to Golden Mile for Thai steamboat + BBQ!!!

Boyfriend came alone too!
Super yums.


I can't wait for 2013.
Because I'm planning to get my double eyelids surgery done in Thailand!
Yes, its the same one that Michelle had undergo. 
Her eyes have almost completely healed and it looks great.

I cannot wait to have big big eyes without makeup!

Just 1 year more to looking prettier.

Here's how i look like without any eye make up.
(Managed to dug some up from instagram)

Sad, single eyelid me.

This above picture looks like I have double eyelid cause i just removed my eyelashes not long so the "crease" is still quite obvious. 

I love how I look like with fake lashes because it creates this super awesome parallel double eyelid for me magically!!

See how huge my eyes look!

Super defined & parallel eyelids lor!

But sad to say, the above eyes are achieved with the help of fake lashes. Without it, my eyes goes back to being single eyelid. 

& I know people will just say "continue to just keep putting fake lashes lor! Why go for surgery".

But I can't be bothered to put fake lashes everyday for the rest of my life!!

So I am going for the easy way out.
Under the knife!

Cannot wait cannot wait!


  1. If you ask me, you are so pretty already even without the double eyelid operation. But I couldn't blame you for wanting to be even more beautiful and have bigger and rounder eyes. By the way, I saw your recent blog post, and I can say that your eyes look great! Was that the magic of eye makeup or did you go on with the surgery already?
    Shavonda Duarte

    1. Hi!! No! Without my fake lashes, my eyes are single eyelid. And pretty small. So I wish to go through plastic surgery to get nice double eyelids!! Haha.. I've not gone through the surgery yet..

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