Yang's bday.


Its been a long time I know!! Super busy lah. :( Been to like 4 different countries in the past 2-weeks. So I couldn't fork out enough time to blog. Right now, I'm in Japan and my hotel doesn't provide free wifi so I actually paid around $25 sgd for 24 hours of internet. SO, I'm gonna make full use of it.

I just had like a super shiok dinner near my hotel. I'm staying near Shinjuku area. & my colleagues brought us to this restaurant that serves cheap & delicious Japanese food!!

Here's what I had.

Sorry ah, cannot rotate the picture. HAHA.
But this is damn cheap & yummy lah. For 690 yen only!!

& here's 3 pictures that I've already posted on Instagram..

Super magical place. 

Walked around Disneyland as Minnie Mouse the entire day.
I don't know why my head looks super huge here. HAHA. 

All of us!
It was my 1st time to Disneyland and I must say, I loved it!

Just a sneak preview of the many pictures that Michelle & I took at her house.
We went to get ringlight together like a month ago and we've been saying we need to have a "Photoshoot" at her place! & so we did. 
The pictures all turned out so pretty with the help of ringlight!! I damn tempted to get it man. But... my room has no space & I seldom have time. 

So, this entry will be on my cousin's birthday!
He rented a bungalow at Safra tampines..

We were the 1st few to arrive.

Starting the BBQ..


This is my creation.

Bacon + golden mushroom = heaven.

Uncle, cousin, brother & Gege.

Cousin with his present!

Brother & another cousin.

My beloved aunt & cousin.

The boys checking out car rims on some website.
See how interested they all are.

& I camwhored in the toilet. 

This totally don't look like me, I swear.

After the birthday party, boyfriend & I headed over to Beach cabana to meet Esther, Juan, Megan & the rest to talk cock & chill over drinks.

With Michelle!

These pictures were taken by Pudding camera app.

I look damn dark here. WHY AR? 

Back home.

Continue to camwhore somemore.

Okay, last picture already!

I cannot wait to get home!!!
Just 2 more nights in Japan & I can go home & have like, 7 days off?!?!?!?!? 
Able to spend Valentine's day with boyfriend. 
I took leave for that lor >.<

Gonna call boyfriend soon before I go to bed.
Tomorrow is gonna be a long day!

Shibuya + Harajuku + visiting some temple.


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