Juan's bday @ Nana

Happy Valentine's -1 day everyone!! 

Right now, boyfriend is sleeping next to me and sleep-talking. Its damn funny I swear. He sleeps for an hours + and then suddenly he wakes up, sits right up & starts talking some nonsense and goes back to sleep. & this happens rather often that I'm used to it.

So how was your Vday? 

Mine was spent ridiculously simple this year but yet, I feel really happy & loved too.

Summarized version of my day - Woke up, met Esther & Juan in town @ Wild Honey for vday brunch, then went to the movies with boyfriend, followed by jogging!! Yes, we jogged together on Vday. LOL! & then late dinner + swensens for icecream with his friends.

We will be having another vday dinner tomorrow with Bird & my brother! Wanted to avoid the vday crowd & the ridiculously marked up prices. So yes.

This blog entry will be about Juan's bday!

Me in a pink zara dress that I bought from London during sale!!

Megan, me & esther.

The birthday girl who was super tipsy at the end of the night..

Happy us!! 

All the girls that night.

Yeap, we are that crazy.

Happy birthday to you beautiful. :)

Managed to get a group shot of everyone who was there earlier.

Toilet breaks.

We had alot of fun every time you put me + friends + martell + nana.

Popping her bottle of champagne.

With my dearest.
We're spending the 6th Valentine's day together.
OMG, damn long please.
& I look damn tired/drunk/druggy in this picture. 

Looking much better & awake here!!

With my tiny in the toilet again.

I love you. 

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