Ringlight craze.

I can't believe I've been gone for more than 10 days! Almost 2 weeks. Holy shit. This is like the longest I've "abandoned" my blog. Oh dear. 

I've been so freaking busy everyday. When I'm overseas, I'm always catching up on my sleep during the night and shopping like mad during daytime. & when I'm back in Singapore, I spend my nights going out till 4-5am with my friends & my day time sleeping like a log. SO SO UNHEALTHY. Boyfriend have been "scolding" me for sleeping late everyday but I just can't get my timing right. I'm like super active during the wee hours.

Right now, I'm in MUMBAI! 
Yes, India!

Okay, gonna hurry blog & then zzzzzz time!

Camwhore in my room before I took a cab to town to meet Michelle.

I know my room is messy. 
I can't help it.
Room too small, clothes too many.

Suddenly I miss my long hair, after looking at this picture.
(Just to let you know, I've recently cut my hair till like armpit-boob length.)

In Ion's toilet.

She loves me. hehe

At Salon Vim 313 getting her bangs!
Check out her scared face.

I was bored so.. camwhore.

After her fringe cut!

Outfit shot.

& then after dinner & a little shopping around & the shops starts to close, we headed back to Michelle's crib.


It is so freaking blinding!!!
See how I was squinting like mad.

But the ringlight really makes pictures so much prettier!!

Big + small.

Sorry, act cute abit with hello kitty specs.

Michelle has many many random props.

Our iPhones!

YSL loving.

Passport picture.

Girls doing what we do best.

But I really get damn lazy to makeup EVERYDAY.
Michelle can apply makeup everyday without fail and not complain lor.
I cannot man. 
Lazy bug is in my genes.

Another outfit photo.



I've just replied MOST of my formspring questions!

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