Valentine's day 2012.

So here's the Vday celebration post.

Abit slow, I know!! :(

We were really clueless where to go so I just googled like "fine dining" restaurants in Singapore and this particular restaurant's name kept appearing. So I thought it should be good. And judging from the price list and all that, it better be.

So that's where bird, my brother, shunxiong & I had our Vday dinner.

While waiting for my brother to finish his cigarette and warming up his car.

My eyeliner that day abit fail. 
Too "qiao" already.
That's what I get for being too experimental.

So happy that YOU are my valentine. 

I'm not sure if the food really is not up to "our" standard, or is it that we ordered the wrong food off the menu. Because from all the reviews, everyone seems to be gushing on and on about how good the food is. But, we were utterly disappointed.

When this dish came, we didn't know to laugh or to cry.
It has a "story" behind it or something, there was this paper on the table explaining to us about the dish but we didn't read it cause it was too long. & yes, we were supposed to eat it in order from 1 to 9.

Brother & Birdie.

The risotto was not bad, but I've had better.

My fish was good when I first tasted it, however, after a couple mouthfuls, it kind of taste quite "fishy" and the meat's texture is quite chewy.

The dessert.
We were hoping that this could redeem some points but yet again, another FAIL dish.

Taken with Birdie. 

So the 4 of us paid like, $500+ for this dinner and we left the place SUPER unsatisfied.

& then we decided to go for something that will confirm cheer us up.


So we drove down to the outlet at East coast park.


Now that's more like it!!

Even though the dinner did not go that well, we all had a good time laughing it off and complaining about the price we paid and then fixing it at the end of the night with jumbo seafood!


Back home, lying on my bed before changing out.

Goodnight everyone.

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  1. hey meiting may I know where did you get that top/dress?