Xmas Day!

Hello everyone, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! Though its already like day 5 or day 6? But better late than never right? So anyway as you can see from the post below, I tried to blog but I was so busy, I only managed to post all the pictures and not write anything. Then when I wanted to add in words for the entry, I got no more "feel" for it anymore. But the pictures are quite self-explainatory right? I went out with Shunxiong then to Filter to party the night away with my friends. 

LOLOLOL. *World most lazy blogger*

Sigh, I was NEVER a lazy blogger. I mean when I was still with MyFatPocket, I had to blog at least twice a week and do blog assignments or I won't get paid. HAHA, and also because I had alot of free time in Singapore lah! :(

So right now, I'm miles away from home again.
Currently in San Francisco & its 2.18am. I'm waking up at 10+am to meet the others for breakfast at Macy's rooftop for lunch at The Cheesecake Factory!!

I'm so sad that I had to leave Singapore during Chinese new year period. :( But I was already here during Xmas eve, xmas day, New years eve, New years day, Chinese reunion dinner, Chinese new year Chu 1. 


So this is what I wore on Xmas day for my dinner buffet with my family.

A crochet top with a navy blue tube dress.

+ my new baby!! MY CELINE~~~!!

At the hotel eating.. my aunt is a paparazzi too! My mommy + brother both in black.

Daddy Lian + brother.

My beloved aunt & my uncle.

I love family bondings! I don't why, but when I was young, I already loved it. I guess because the fact that my family is very fun to be around. We are all loud + funny + vulgar. HAHA, you won't imagine the words and things my aunt or cousins will do. Seriously cracks me up each time. & even when I'm older now, I still yearn for more family time. 

After that, Boyfriend, Megan & I headed over to Esther's place to meet before we went to Nana.

Megan & I.


More taken by my iPhone! :)

& then to Nana.

Smoking break time.
With everyone!

Andrew & boyfriend.

With Janice + Megan.

I look so young in this picture.

Idiot OKM like to photobomb us.

This picture is nice lor, but kena photobomb by Bryan. >.<

Much better! 
I'm hating my black hair though, I wanna dye it brown or something. :(

We drink, we get happy.


The Family Guy is on telly now.
I'm gonna go watch it and then catch up on Gossip girl + Vampire diaries on my macbook. 

thank you to those who are still coming back everyday to read my very back dated blog.


- Another 4 days till I get back in Singapore. CANT WAIT SIA -