Our 5th year x 14th November 2011 x

Its our 5th year!!
Half a decade, can you imagine it? 
I definitely can't.

Before Shunxiong, my longest relationship with my ex boyfriends were all shorter than a year +. So who would have thought that we would have come this far? People have been asking me on formspring how do we maintain our relationship. How do we make it this far and all. Well, it is never easy. Maintaining a relationship is really hard work. I mean, you are seeing this person day in day out for 5 whole years. Doing the same things and going to the same places. But I guess, if you are with the right person, things just fall into place and it all becomes easy. 

Our anniversary dinner was at Au Petit Salut @ Dempsy.

I don't really fancy bread but whenever I visit all these atas atas restaurants, I sure eat the bread one. Cause damn nice!! With the butter, olive oil & balsamic vinegar!

My significant other. 

Half a dozen of escargots.
 FAVORITE of all time.

Forgot what it is, but inside that ball is lobster meat, crabmeat and prawn. 

Another damn shiok one.
Truffle mushroom soup!

Boyfriend's seafood pasta.

& mine! Some fish dish.

Dig in!


But there's always room for dessert. 
Earl grey ice-cream with hazelnut cakes.

After that, we went to east coast park for some shaved ice. 

I love strawberries.

Met birdie there too.

& the next morning, boyfriend left for work while I continued sleeping when suddenly he called me at like 1pm to get me to open my door for him. Saying that his meeting was cancelled & he came back to my place.

But when I opened the door in my pjs, it was a delivery man with a bouquet of roses!!

Pardon my just-wake-up face.

But he was so sweet lah, cause shunxiong always say that buying flowers is a waste of money because the flowers will just be lying somewhere in my house slowly wilting to death. Haha but he knows that I like receiving flowers every now and then. I mean, romantic gestures leh, which girl don't like right? 

So yup, that's how we spent our simple 5th year together.

& I'm contented.


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