In town before Xmas.

One of the weekdays before Xmas...

I was having an off day and I decided to head out to town with Michelle.

Outfit of the day.

Yellow polka dot romper. 

I hate blow drying my hair so I usually let it dry by itself..

Esther & Birdie came to meet us at Orchard too!

Outside Takashimaya..

Have to bend down because of esther chin! LOL.

Yay, birdie reached too!

My best friend :)

& with tiny.

In the restroom.

After that we accompanied birdie for dinner at Marche!
Before that, Michelle & I had our late lunch at Sushi tei at about 5+pm..

Its been years since I last ate at Marche..

I love rosti!!!

Mushroom soup with loads of croutons.

Savoury crepe with mushroom.

Banana + strawberry + chocolate fudge.

Bird & Esther left as they have to work the next day and it was getting late. But I didn't feel like going home so Michelle & I decided to head to her house!

& she is this major OCD freak, I swear.

Her room is already so neat, but she claims its still messy. >.<

That's me at her place, & she's packing her room. Again.

After a few hours at her place, Michelle got hungry and we went to Swee Choon for supper.

& we went to Mustafa after.
Guess who is who?

Chatterbox: Michelle.
Fickle: Me.
Slow: Birdie.
Skinny: Shunxiong.
Trouble: Esther.

Some camwhore shots of the day.

Gotta love front cameras.



Not in a wordy mood today.
So very text in this entry.

Have a happy reunion dinner & CNY! 

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