Happy new year everyone!!!

Its 3.39am and I'm back home from all the countdown and fireworks at Marina Bay Sands. Shunxiong's friends booked super huge room which was facing the city and we had an awesome view of the entire fireworks.

It lasted 6-7 minutes.
It was beautiful. 
And this picture was taken WITHOUT any zoom.
We were THAT close to it.

This is our 5th year entering a new year together.
& this boy here still has his legendary never-ending flu. >.<

Let's do the usual here, people.

I'll take a look back on the memorable stuffs I did in 2011 and what I plan to achieve in 2012. Its gonna be a short one though, I'm dying to go back to watching "How I Met Your Mother" on DVD. 

♥ Got a new job which pays well.
♥ Went to Hong Kong with my triple Bs. aka Bird, Bro, Boyfriend.
♥ Converted myself from a Windows to a Macbook user.
♥ Became a bridesmaid for the 1st time. Sarah & James' wedding.
♥ Bought myself the 1st Chanel bag I'll ever own.
♥ Left MyFatPocket after being a Resident blogger for 2 years. :(
♥ Gotten much more independent.
♥ Travelled so many places in the world.
♥ Spent the most time away from home since birth.
♥ Saw snow for the first time.
♥ Shunxiong & I celebrated our 5th year anniversary.

♥ Save.
♥ Exercise or get a gym membership.
♥ Get a home for Shunxiong & I.
♥ Taiwan trip in March with my triple Bs!!
♥ Go for another trip with boyfriend.
♥ Get a full body check up.
♥ Drink lesser.
♥ Buy no more than 2 branded bags. LOLOL.
♥ Love, cherish & appreciate life & the people around me.
♥ Save.

Again, Happy 2012 everyone.

I'm glad I was able to spend it in Singapore.

Going off to Melbourne tomorrow with Hazel!!
So glad to have a familiar face.

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