Ramen Champion

Hello people, sorry for being away for so long!! But you can't blame me right? Its the festive seasons and  I've been spending all the time I have in Singapore with my loved ones. I'm so glad I am able to be in Singapore for Xmas & New year!

Here's pictures taken the other time I brought boyfriend to Ramen Champion.

Just done with make up + picking out an outfit..
camwhore first before we leave my house!

Love the new top I bought from London's Primark. 
Peter pan collars are my new ♥ !


I'm so sick of my hair. ITS SO BORING.
I wanna dye it or cut fringe or something. >.<

& here's some self-obessed pictures taken by iPhone's front camera.

Decided to get boyfriend involved.

& its time for foooood!!

Bario ramen!!
I love the many many beansprouts! & the 3 layer pork is damn awesome. But its abit too much for 1 person to finish the entire bowl by him/herself.

& this is another stall's ramen. 
Which I forgot the name. But just look for the one with corn in it.
Boyfriend prefers this because its not so salty and he loves the gyoza. 

Later that night, met up with Esther chin.

Please tell her to stop using that ugly hair clip in public.
Thank you very much.

Okay I know its a very short entry but shunxiong is over at my place now so I can't blog a long-ass blog entry.
But I will try to do so soon okay?
I have so many pictures to update!!


2012 will be awesome, yes?