Nana + Esther + Winnie = Fun!

It was a mere coincidence when Winnie & I were both put together at work. But this crazy girl definitely make time fly by during work.

Went back home and took a nap before both of us decided to meet up for some drinks at night.

Had some ktv (Winnie can really sing man) + drinks at this pub at Boat quay before we headed down to Nana.

Martell for us.

Esther came down too! :)

Photobombed by Winnie.

Blur picture because my camera was set to a wrong mode. But I like the picture leh, so heck care, just post only.

This pose = burn.

Whole night "burning".

With one of the nana bouncers.

Belinda was there too!!

2 ex- MyFatPocket bloggers + 1 current one.

My red lobster tiny chin.

With Eugene!
This picture damn out cui, totally aim wrongly but we look happy.

1 more with Belinda! :)

Winnie & Huiyi.

& I accidentally touched my camera lens. So that explains the blur patch in the middle of all the pictures. LOL. 

The "xiao wan tong". 
Esther, I know you are reading this and I bet you don't understand what that means.


Don't ask me what I was doing.
Winnie was probably shuffling, and I totally ignored the singer on the stage and just sat on it. Haha.

Happy girls that night.

With the singer, ah tom. 
She went back to Thailand already, so sad!!
She's my favorite at Nana.
So much better than that dirty slut. 

Okay, last picture.
I can't remember what we were all so happy about but we definitely had fun that night.


Couldn't attend Winnie's upcoming birthday as I will be in Milan during the date she is having her celebration. 

I'm in a super good mood!! Because its the start of my 7 days annual leave. DAMN SHIOK this feeling. Am not gonna waste this week. Shall fill it up with activities. :)))

Off to boyfriend's place for dinner!!

And I just want to say this. I'M GOING TAIWAN IN MARCH.
Super excited!!
I've been going to so many different countries but never once I've been to Taiwan. 
So this 1st time I'm going will be with my loved ones. Boyfriend, bird, brother + my auntie & uncle. I'm sure we will have a super awesome time. 

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