Trimming at Salon Vim!

As many of you already know, December is filled with year end parties to attend and what a better time to go get your hair fixed at Salon vim? This season of giving, Salon vim is gonna have a Christmas Give away!!

Which they named "Christmas giveaway by SANTA VIM". lol, cute right.

So read the following and participate to win awesome prizes!! :)

My hair needs a trimming at Salon Vim every 2 months or so. But I've been so busy that I neglected my hair for almost close to 3-4 months!!! 

Look at how cui my hair was. 
No shape at all, hair flat like nobody's business and so many split ends!

1 last picture before I get my trusty stylist, Luis, to help fix my hair.

Let the magic begin!!

Snip snip snip, his scissors went..

& 20 minutes later, I'm done!!

Luis applied some of this Shu Uemura essence on my hair too.
& check out my Chanel earrings on the table. LOL.

I love how I look when I leave Salon Vim.

Always a satisfied customer.

I can never achieve such awesome hair.

My sweetie, Michelle came over to look for me!
& just nice, by the time she came, I was almost done.

She really have the tiniest face.
*jealous max*

& here's a picture of me with my super duper awesome stylist, LUIS!! 
I'm super thankful to have him work his skills on my hair because for the past few months or years that I've visited Salon Vim, it was him who took care of all my hair woes.

He was the one who convinced me to curl my hair. 

I have never ever thought of perming/curling my hair because I'm a very boring person when it comes to such changes. But he managed to make me loveeeee my curls.

Here's evidence.

See how pretty the curls are???!?!?!?!
I super loved it.

& after a few months, the curls died off and I had very nice wavy hair too.
I miss having colored and curled hair. 

For those interested in getting hair services at Salon Vim, here’s the details you’ll need.
TEL: 68847757 / 68847767

Went to the restroom at 313 to camwhore a bit before we went shopping!

I'm sick of my LX 5. 
I want a new camera, any recommendations? I'm thinking of Canon G12. Cause I can camwhore like mad with its rotating LCD screen.

Full length picture to capture our outfits of the day.

I was wearing the H&M Black romper with a leopard cardigan over it.

Remember the black romper?

After shopping around in town with Michelle, boyfriend came to meet us for dinner!
It was thai food at Orchard towers. 
The fried rice was quite undercooked, the meat was too tough. The only thing good was the tom yum soup. Other dishes cannot make it man. Even the phad thai also fail. -_- 
So disappointing.

Okay enough complaining.

That's all for this blog entry.

Till the next,
lotsa xoxo
meiting ♥

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  1. Hi, Meiting,
    How much is your romper may I know? :))
    I apologise first if you had mentioned before ><