Gege & Marcus's Wedding.

Was invited to Gege & Marcus's wedding dinner. & almost everyone I knew attended. It was a super extraordinary wedding. One, i'm sure no one will forget. Shall not go into details because something happened BUT! All in all, we all had a happy ending! Really happy one. Will explain more later.

Pictures now!!

Birdie & me.
She looks so pretty in her dress right?! I was having bad hair day. :(

Us with baby min. 

My brother & bird.

1 for boyfriend & me! 

Me with my triple bs!!
Brother, Bird, Boyfriend.

Birdie, me, Juan & Tabitha!

With my daddy, cousin, auntie & uncle.

With my other cousin, Edmund.
Told you almost everyone I'm close to attended the wedding!

Us with the blushing bride.

With another male cousin of mine, Desmond.

& here's presenting to you, my makers!

I have no idea who I resemble. So not used to seeing my mom in thick makeup. LOL.

Weihao, Oncoming, Juan & boyfriend.

With the girl who travels non stop. 
She is currently in Hanoi now.

Take some pictures with boyfriend before food was served.

Ran over to bird's table to find her in between courses.

Jason & Off! :)

Here comes the couple!

Toilet break...

Bird was wearing grey contacts that day. NICE RIGHT!

2 of us again, & mommy in the background..

Dragged Juan into the picture too!

These 2 were taken by my iphone!

LOL, still as crazy.

The guys. 

Check out Shunxiong's red face from the alcohol.

I don't think I can love anyone else as much as I do him.

As mentioned at the beginning of the entry, something happened and we had a happy ending. What was the happy ending? A few of the guests, us, were given complimentary hotel room stay by the management of the hotel. & guess what, room service was complimentary too!!!!


Go to wedding, get free hotel room to stay + free room service!

So bird & my bro had a room to themselves, shunxiong & I had our own room, and the other brothers had a few rooms too! So the entire night, we were running around the hotel rooms ordering food and having tons of fun.

This was what we ordered for breakfast. 
We had to write it down because there were too many orders to be taken.

Muesli yoghurt with fresh fruits.

More food!

& this was dinner.
Check out the amount of food we ordered.

WOAH, super long entry with tons of pictures.
Damn tired already.
Off to watch my dvds & sleep early!
Or, TRY to sleep early.