Sarah's Hen's night!!!

My dear friend, Sarah, got married!!
& I wasn't there to attend her wedding dinner cause I was in Istanbul. :( But never mind!! I was there for her ROM, and her Hen's night!! 

So we booked a room at Mono ktv bar. 
But before that we had dinner at Vivocity. Wah talk about the dinner only I damn angry. Stupid place "Queen & mangoesteen" made us wait for damn long, and gave our table away. SO STUPID i swear. never going back. So we decided to eat at this spanish restaurant. Food not very good but damn expensive. -_-

Starters, normal normal only.

Nicest dish of the night. Pork Knuckles!!

& our cute umbrella drinks.

This plate cost like $70+??? No seafood even. Just rice, meat, potato.

& at Mono..

Alcohol time!!
With my pretty bride to be. 

That's her & her penis straw. Which she force everyone to drink from. -_-

Her damn retarded crown with the veil covering her entire face. LOL.

With Charlie & Esther.

Where am I looking? Oh, with Jlo this time round.



I love how we used to work together. EAT SNAKE QUEENS.

Seriously, Esther?

No idea what song it was, but seeing how enthu Charlie was, I decided to be her dancer.

Put a few girls in a room with so much drinks, this is what you get.

JLO JLO. Jasmine from the block.

Sarah frightened by the botak lawyer.

Singing to Elva's "Cuo de ren" and acting very emo.

Marie france bodyline! Check out our hot bride. hehehehe.

From my iphone..

& we went to Aura for like 10 minutes before shunxiong came to pick me up. 
AHAHAH, esther damn angry with me.
Cause I went there with her & I bastard her and went home.

SEE, the thing is, I didn't know shunxiong is coming to pick me up so fast!!
Im sorry. 
Okay lah , all is forgiven when I helped her with her company dinner's makeup and she won the 1st prize, iPad2. heheheeh.

Okay, finally blogged!!
Gonna go change & head out now. Going to Parkway to meet Michelle & birdie. We're having steamboat at Roxy square basement. RAINY WEATHER = Must eat steamboat.

My logic.



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